Keith Signed!!!

News conference at 7pm.

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got a haircut....niice :slight_smile:


will the press confrence be on ticats tv live?

he will be making $170 000 in 09 and 10 and a significant signing bonus!

Not according to the recent press release…$145,000 per year.

I was going with what am 900 chml said it was to be

Does KK play in BC?

I hope so...I'll be there! :rockin:

On the Casey Printers Show they asked Coach Bellefeuille, and he said Kenton Keith will most likely be playing. With a week of practice left we will just have to pass his physical and learn the terminology.

In my opinion I think we will see Kenton playing special teams.

i would expect Keith to get a few carries this Saturday

8) You are right, all the media including CHML are reporting a 3 year contract, at $170,000 per season, plus a significant signing bonus !!!

On his CHCH-TV sportscast this evening, Ken Welch also mentioned similar salary figures for Kenton Keith.

By the way, Kenton Keith was interviewed by Rick Zamperin tonight toward the end of the Casey Printers Show. His answers are paraphrased below:

-the newspaper reports about the Argos making a formal offer were incorrect- he spoke with Pinball Clemons but no figures were discussed;

-he enjoyed his time with the Colts and felt that he proved that he can play in the NFL;

-he is happy to be coming to a team with a strong running game and will play at running back, slotback or wherever the coach wants him to play;

-he wants to fit in with the team and looks forward to working with the running backs that are already here;

-he wore number 28 with the Riders and number 36 with the Colts but will probably wear number 20 with the Ticats (his jersey number in college);

-people that know him know that the media reports about his behaviour have been blown out of proportion. He said that, if he was anything close to what he has read in the media about himself, even he would not like himself;

-there is a lot of new terminology to learn but he might see limited action on Saturday if the coach thinks he is ready.

With his high salary combined with Printers. You better hope he doesn't disappoint. Fortunately CFL contracts are never guaranteed.

With his high salary combined with Printers. You better hope he doesn't disappoint
8) Yes indeed !! You know what this place will be like if has even one bad game !!!
 The vultures will be hovering  !!     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

He actually said he'd likely wear 20 or 21.
If he wants 20 badly enough, Dylan Barker should make a nice profit.

I may be in the minority....but welcome Kenton. I have faith in Obie (I have too....he's got a lot more experience than I do).

Besides, I'd be really peeved if someone else signed Keith...say the Argos or the Bombers.

Roster online currently lists Keith as number 21, but I don't really regard that as definitive. I imagine the number thing will be addressed tomorrow, though even then things might not be set in stone.

Kahlil Hill wore number 1 for at least one game after Charles Roberts was traded to B.C.

CHCH-TV showed a clip of the Ticat press conference tonight and Kenton Keith was handed a number 21 jersey by Obie. He will definitely be wearing number 21 rather than negotiating with Dylan Barker for his old college number 20.

Ticats TV now has footage on the signing: also has a segment, with soundbites from Marcel and Jesse at the golf course: