Keith Shologan

Released by the Bombers.

I know he has peaked, and he was a bit of a letdown for the Bombers last season....but this would be a really nice pickup if he is not demanding top end money

Do you think he was released due to a cap issue?

In a sense. Big wage is part of it but he had probably his worst year as well....making the wage hard for a team that was sms strapped. Sholo has always been a beast at collapsing the gap...never really happened last season. He was given a pretty healthy contract 170 or 180 i think) but didn't live up to it IMO....but at 31 I would think it is simply an off year as opposed to hitting a wall....been a complete stud in there last season aside. I would still rather have local Evans, but hey...

If it is not breaking the bank I would totally go for it. I have always been surprised he didn't hit up the Esks for a job and maybe he does now...but if he is interested in returning it seems a solid move. If Gaydosh pans out it is potentially 2 NI starters on the DL and we know he likes Regina so....
If nothing else...if you can land him at ~120 it gives you a solid rotation there.

I would still prefer to chase a guy like Westerman or even Laing or Oramasionwu...but it is hard say Sholo would be a bad signing. He is a good gap stuffer...but if you are looking for a consistent pocket collapser look elsewhere

He's off the market...Als signed him to 2 year deal

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