Keith Shologan

Keith Shologan did he get injured by that cheap shot near the end of the game?

I have seen nothing to indicate as such, though we probably would not hear anything official until the early evening or AM.

you could check out his Twitter though if your interest is peeked

I was really disapointed the refs let that debacle happen. They had already lost that game when Romero and Obby Khan decided to wrestle after every stoppage in the 2nd quarter?

81 Bombers should also get 1-2 game suspension. I believe it is Cory Watson and he's a 2nd stringer anyway? But I could see him throw a big upper cut from section 26............and I was very happy to see how TSN had it videod in HD for the CFL discipline committee to review.

#8 Bombers should have been ejected but I don't think a suspension is in order?

Teams and players will get fined. That could have gotten way worse.

The entire officiating crew should also recieve fines and possiblly lose their jobs. You could see that fester was before it actually erupted.

Guess what, anyone remember the Al's game in 2nd week.........shitshow with wrestling and scrappy, Dwight Anderson being his usual idiot self............yeah, that was the same reffing crew yesterday.

I didn’t mind the reffing. They ejected trying to make a statement. Not much more they can do than that.

The uppercut is deserving of a suspension, but, at best will be a fine. Suspensions don’t stick in the CFL…something that needs to be improved, but the PA has the ability to arbitrate their way out of that too easily.