Keith Released

8) The TiCats have released Import Running Back Kenton Keith this morning.
   He probably didn't want to renegotiate  his contract, because he was pronounced fit to play by the medical staff just 

   a few days ago !!!

Oh well. There goes another player we don't have to pay to NOT play for us. :lol:

Good luck to him, but when you can't stay healthy you can't expect to stay around.

Brian Calhoun is a good back I seen him play for Detroit lions

It a nice pickup

I like Kenton as Person but was not meant to be

Wow this ones surprises me.

Link to Drews' blog

Onknight, hopefully he turns out as well as the other former Lion running back in the league Cobourne. His running style seems pretty similar.

Too bad.

Penny-pinching started already ?

Cobb is obviously the #1 back now. The offence will be built around his abilities.

Wonder where Obie will spend the money freed up by KK's release?

Zontar, Keith was not worth his salary, considering he’s not an every down back and coming off a serious injury.

But I agree it is pinching pennies at this point because there is no one out there to throw the money being saved at.

Hopefully not Russell lol

True, very unwise to tie up a lot of money on Keith his demands were probably astronomical but the comment was more of a half joke on Young's "woe is me" team finances.

All the best to Kenton. Now it's Cobb's job to lose.

I hear JL is available. :wink:

Couldn't help yourself, eh? :lol:

Unfortunately for Keith his time here has been injury plagued. I hope he can find success somewhere else, just not against us. With these new RB signings I now have very few concerns about this team, other than our short yardage schemes and our complete abandonment of I form. Nothings perfect, though.

Great job, Obie.

Now watch the Argos grab him and sign him for less or maybe Saskatchewan.

I'm surprised, but not shocked. Was hoping that maybe something exciting might be in the planning with Keith healthy and on the field at the same time as Cobb. But this, along with the surprise FB draft pick says a more conventional approach will be followed. I don't see it as penny-pinching. It's gotta be another "in Obie we trust."

Shocked it took this long.
He was being paid ELITE money and because of injury was replaced by Cobb.
Cobb proved his worth last season and Brian Calhoun has amazing potential for us.
When is the last time the Cats had a guy that was so good he was picked as high as the 3rd round of the NFL draft?

He must have been a neg list player. Released May 4 announced signed May 7. Wish we had access to the neg list!!!

Very disappointing news...An electrifying runner when healthy!

They had to pay him for all of last season and it cost no more to wait 'til now to see how healthy he was and try and talk him down in $.

Agreed They very Close running Style wise

The Cats could afford to wait for him Last year He was in the IR most of the year
This year he healthy and with Cobb Starting and his Cheep Salary
The Writing was on Wall for K.K he need to Chop his pay to say
He said no and Ticats signed Brian Calhoun at Cheep Price and Cut KK.

That is Business I Respect that