Keith Pelly from Rogers and the future of the Argos at RC !!

Keith Pelly on Prime Time Sports with Bob Mckown talks about the future of the Argos at Rogers Centre.

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Pelley is being diplomatic, but its so clear just how little regard Rogers has for the Argos. Sure wish Pelley was still affiliated with the CFL in one form or another. Thanks for posting the audio btw!

It's very obvious who pays his salary and one could say he is a bit of a turncoat?

Now simply a yes man but a yes man being well paid off. I'd do ame even if someone told me go clean s....t from a floor. :wink:

There is a reason why Rogers hired Pelly. :wink:

Everyone seems to associate MLSE as being owned by Rogers and forgets about Bell - - owner of TSN, which happens to be the biggest promoter of the CFL.

McCowan has said numerous times that there's no way Rogers & Bell can co-exist as partners in MLSE and that one will buy the other out - - sooner rather than later.

If that's the case and Bell ends up as majority owner of MLSE, I'd feel pretty certain the Argos would very quickly become part of MLSE.

I TRULY expect Mr. Tannebaum to be the owner of the BUFFALO BILLS and signing a immediate television contract with Rogers as soon as the BILLS owner passes , thus once the stadium lease runs out in Buffalo in the 10yr. requirement - GOODBYE BUFFALO - HELLO TORONTO

Toronto would need a new stadium plus there will be other groups looking at Buffalo.

Lets not forget that in ten years, Tanenbaum will be pushing 80 yrs old. I know age means nothing but even today, that is pretty long in the tooth to start getting involved in the high pressure of buying an NFL team and trying to move it out of the USA to a city with no suitable stadium and at best - as we have seen - lukewarm interest.

What's also intriguing in this is what happens to the Blue Jays long term. When time comes when the fans demand a true baseball specific stadium lots of decisions will have to be made. Right now the AAA team in Buffalo has a more specific baseball ballpark than what Toronto has and more of a feel to it for baseball.

That could only happen if Tannenbaum sells everything he owns twice over as he doesn't have enough money to have outright ownership of an NFL franchise. In fact, he would he would almost to sell everything he has to even get to the bare minimum 35% ownership required by NFL rules for individual team ownership. The Toronto NFL dream died when ole uncle Ted went to the big phonebooth in the sky.

Fans can demand all they want just don't count on any public money.

We have to know the landscape in Buffalo and Western New York.
There are many rich owners and the last I read how the Rich(no pun here) family will immediately put in a bid and which may be fronted by ex QB Jim Kelly.
This team will never leave Buffalo, also as the Commish is from the region and has on many occasions insisted how the team will stay.

Agreed. Tannenbaum's a wealthy man - - but he's nowhere close to being NFL wealthy.

Even Ted Rogers/Rogers Media doesn't have had that kind of coin. A billion just gets you the franchise - - then you have to build the NFL stadium, and that's going to be close to another billion.

Rogers couldn't even come up with 1.3 billion to buy MLSE - - they had to get Bell to partner up and split the costs.

An NFL team in Toronto is not going to happen. It's laughable to see CFL fans get in such a panic whenever they hear the words "NFL" and "Toronto" in the same sentence.

Maybe the Bills thingy with Rogers is simply about Rogers getting something remotely close to what Bell has with the CFL, otherwise they would have nothing football wise really to match Bell.

You’re nuts. Good luck with that

I’M not nuts

I don't think they will move to Toronto keep them in Buffalo a great way for Rogers to Market there brand in the States.

It will be interesting to see if Rogers or Tanenbaum or whomever from Canada actually does put in an offer for the Bills when they come up for sale, and what the terms would be.

Has Rogers/Blue Jays put the natural grass in yet? Can't wait.

Yup, they started this morning, the roof is open to get the sun on it to make it grow :roll: