Keith is another lumsden...TRADE HIM!!!

Ok Kenton Keith has been on the 9 game injured list and hes still on the injured list after 9 games. I think with DeAndra Cobb, Terry Caulley and Tre Smith we could probably trade Kenton Keith for a veteran receiver ( like another Arland Bruce). Or maybe possibly a good Defensive tackle or defensive end.

what does anyone else think??

I think that

  1. Obie and MB have a love affair with this guy and don't want to let him go
  2. there will probably be little interest for an injured vet who so far hasn't shown he still has it
  3. Not many teams need a RB right now, or one that pricey

Good point. I do think he is a waste of money. Im sure there are some veteran receivers that will be free agents next year we can grab..use the money for one of them rather then someone like Kenton Keith

He can only be traded in the offseason unless he is taken off the list. With his contract, teams may not want to pay the coin he's commanding at the moment (170K). The value of trading him may not be as rosy as folks figure. He could be released as a result.

I think the only receiver at the moment we could get for him would be one with shortwave.


I don’t think we would get very much for him right now.
I think he would need to show the rest of the league that he still has it.
Just my opinion but I don’t think we would get much.

we could always try and trade him for Barrin Simpson. Seems like Barrin wants to get out of Winnipeg anyways. lol

Then again Cedric Gagne Marcoux wants to leave Hamilton. Maybe trade him for Barrin. hmmmm

I'd look to trade Marcoux for a receiver first, if no interest then go for Simpson. Hopefully Obie's at least looking up offers for these guys.

We don’t need Simpson … If your Trading Marcoux It should be for a 1st Round pick in Draft next year
As we gave our pick up for Carlson I think we paid to much for the kid he was worth a 2 at the most.

Why is our LB core so great? Floyd's good but he's not the best MLB out there, if we lose Knowlton or Johnson for whatever reason, we've got nobody of that calibre to back them up, so we're not as rock solid as you might like to think.

Carlson hasn't even played yet. What are you basing this on? I never realized that you were a scout or an assistant GM.

Giving up a 1st round pick was worth it. The Cats have always done poorly in the draft and getting an Olineman to learn behind Goodspeed and Gauthier is perfect. Carlson doesn't have the pressure on him to perform right away.

Look at our line of the possible future, Dyakowski, Rottier, Carlson, Marcoux (if he resigns) and Hage. All these guys are under 30 and can only get better.

As Russ has suggested, Keith has NO value in a trade right now. He's injured, can't be released, and his status for the future is uncertain. I'm not even certain that a shortwave set might come back in return.... possibly a set of dentures with tinfoil attached.

As long as you can pick up CHML900.

An Argo-Cat fan

There are Better Canadian O-line Prospects coming out of NCAA this year
This year draft is Deep with OL Carlson was not worth a 1 with a Bumper Crop of OL in the 2010 Draft.

Danny Watkins (OT, Baylor)
John Bender (OG, Nevada):
Joe Eppele (OT, Washington State)
J'Michael Deane (OG, Michigan State)
Nasser Jamal (OT, Louisiana-Lafayette)
Cody Husband (OT, British Columbia)
Michael Knill (OL, Wilfrid Laurier)
C.E. Kaiser (OT, Oregon)

Watkins is beast so is Jmichale

Keith for Ottis Amy.......................

8) He is on the 9 game injured list for a very good reason !!
 In case you didn't know, KK had major knee surgery back in June, and is no where near ready to 
 return to a starting lineup yet  !!!

 He probably will not be fit to even play this season at all.

 Who exactly do you think is going to trade for him under these circumstances ???     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

  You ask, "What does anyone else think" ??

  I think you don't even know the circumstances of KK"s injury, or the fact that you can't trade a injured

  player !!     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

I wish all the best for KK, I've enjoyed watching him in the green shirts throughout the years and also with his brief stint with the Colts. I hope his knee injury heals well and he can return to any lineup in the CFL. I like the guy.

We are the 2nd worst team against the run in the CFL. Explain to me how we couldn't use Simpson.

It has very little to do with linebackers IMO They make 90% of the Tackles
It has to do with Injurys on D-Line
Can Simpson play DT ????

Two things..

  1. You cannot trade an injured player.
  2. Even if you could no one would trade for an injured player.

This whole thread is pointless.

First you say trade CGM for a 1st rd pick. Who is going exchange a 1st rd pick for a soon to be FA? Then you ask if Simpson can play DT? Are you for real?