Keith, Adams, Rodriguez,McIntyre, Ball, Carter??

Ok I know were getting into the stretch of things and we have some very important games coming but when are we going to see Kenton Keith back, along with Darrell Adams, Prechae Rodriguez, Garrett McIntyre in the starting line up, David Ball some playing time and Matt Carter??

I think we need to utilize Terry Caulley and Kenton Keith along with DeAndra Cobb. Play some 2 running back sets if we can or use Darcy Brown or Pavlovic as a TE when the defence is blitzing us. We need to add me to our playbook. We are becoming too predictable.

I would also like to see Darrell Adams and Garrett McIntyre as our starting defensive tackles with Khari Long and Justin Hickman as our defensive ends.

I think we need the threat of Prechae back and use him a lot more along with Arland Bruce. I would also like to see David Ball maybe replace Drisan James. See what he can do.

As for Matt Carter. I would like to see him replace Corey Grant or even Chris Bauman and see what he can do on this team. Maybe try him while playing Toronto or Winnipeg or something.

One note on Keith: he's on the 9-game list (second stint). Shelve any ideas about him in the lineup. There is a remote chance he could be reactivated, but it's remote.

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i think the problem with this team is not the Personnel but the preperation and play calling . The offence looked like they did not have a prayer or an answer to anything to what the ALS were doing and the Dline was getting killed too as Olineman on the AL'S wre able to come out one on one on linebackers on running plays and well that is a mismatch .
They were outcoached and outrplayed , and outsmarted .

The big thing that bothered e too was there beaten to death physically . A few times i saw guys throwing around outr kick returned like a rag doll and also emry looked like he was peforming a judo move on cobb granning him and throwingh him down ...We need to be smarter and better prepared and tougher .

I think BALL will get a chance as soon as he is healthy and likely at James expense
Carter is still to raw to move in and take over ...maybe next year
I think they are taking their tiem with Mcyntire and PRESCHE to make sure they are healthy and to get a better look at the other guys . After last weeks showing I think you will see those 2 back and ADAMS will get in there as soon as he can .
Most tems only carry one American running back so I doubt we will see both of them together unfortunately as we would then need to start Baumann and Stalla.

i agree about mcyntire at DT but i am not sure what they drawbacks are .seems it is worth a try to get more pass rush .

8) Can the Ticats please post a major sign on the Main Page, regarding the status of KK, to avoid all
 these multiply posts, asking where he is and what his status is !!!       <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->  <!-- s:twisted: -->:twisted:<!-- s:twisted: --> 

 I can't take it any more Russ  !!!      <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

I have a Porter-Glenn repository thread: I will not make one for the RBs. :wink:

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Something in the spirit of this? :wink:
8) Yep, That would do it, just fine, safetyblitz !!! :wink:

Where is Kenton?

Deep in the bowels of Ivor Wynne Stadium rehabilitating
his hamstring and his lateral collateral ligament injuries.

His status?

Two 9 day injury list stints and no time practicing
with his team-mates at all during the whole season.

The only time he sees the light of day is when he visits
his team-mates on the sidelines during their practices.

I can't imagine how frustrated he has been feeling
since these injuries happened the 1st day of Camp.

Another example of the kind of real-world fight goes on every day for athletes to stay in their respective sports. I wish Kenton well. if he can rebound from this, he will be back in the CFL mix come next season. Time will tell if it is with the Cats.

Oski Wee Wee,