Keepsake from Ivor Wynne

If you could take a keepsake away from the stadium what would it be?

A black or yellow plank? A piece of turf? A stall from the Dressing Room?

Share your thoughts.

Piece of plank with a magic marker seat number. I could tell my nieces and nephews look at this, this is the way it was way back in the days of old, when men were men, and women were women, and every winter has weeks of -30 weather ... ok, I'll stop. :wink:

Already have a plank from section 21 row R...

The entire visitors locker room.

It should fit into a cube van and into my basement easily :wink:

And deer, it should come with the "hot" shower faucet as well, the famed one that only spouts out or did spout out cold water. :smiley:

The entire South Sideline (unpadded) wall…

Being on the north side, I’m hoping my buddy and I can get the metal seat to make a proper bench. That and they’ll probably sell squares of turf. I think that would be awesome to have and put in a frameworth frame with a big picture of Ivor Wynne. I know they had an awesome hockey frame with a piece of the net from the Canada vs Slovakia game in Vancouver.

As far as my dream keepsake, I’d love nothing more then that entire Carling Mural embedded eternally into the side of my house/apt building.

The yellow sign with the number of my section on it.

the feild goal post, so i can practice climbing it. lmao

I actually took my dog for a walk to Ivor Wynne last Sunday and the gates were open cus the Ironmen were playing. I watched the game and as I was leaving i noticed a bunch of turf was just sitting out by the gates, I was tempted to take a piece just because it was the last season but i decided against as 1) its sort of stealing and 2) i had my dog so itd be awkward to carry home

Well EZ, you'd sort of be a bit like the "Surf and Turf Thief" as they say if you did take some of it. :wink:
:lol: good thing i didnt :lol:

I got one also from last year, had the Team sign it after practice. Great addition to my collection I might add! :thup:

I would like the bench that I sit on. I am lucky in that about 6 feet of bench has been replaced with metal so it would be easy to unscrew it and leave with it.

I hope they offer something where you can come down to the stadium and get something.

Don't know if they plan on keeping the name placards for the Wall of Fame, or they are making new ones for the new stadium, but would love to take Winfield's. I'd even pay if theCats want to auction them off

*wink & nudge

That could get a bit tricky, the team doesn't run the Walk of Fame or pay for the plaques, The Cats claws Fan club does.
Not sure if you've ever attended one of the plaque unveilings but very rarely does a representative even show up. They should be removed and re-installed on the new stadium.

One what Bruce?

Id like the Dofasco TigerVision lol

He didn't say anything about the Walk of Fame. He referred to the Wall of Fame (I guess it's referred to more precisely as the "Wall of Honour"), i.e. the large placards of names and numbers that are on the front of the pressbox above the south stands.

To wit: bad. I was around when the first couple names were hung on the Wall of Honour, I suppose they must have changed them since but at that time they were banners that could be rolled up and carried under an arm, plus I had never heard the wall of honour referred to as the wall of fame.I should have known that "placard" on the "Wall of Fame" really meant banner on the Wall of Honour.