Keeping the faith

Although it was a disappointing loss last night I saw a lot of things that are positives and as a whole I am more encouraged than I have been in quite some time. I have provided a link to a Ticat song I wrote and produced to help you all get pumped.

No faith lost here. I was down on the team at the start of the year, but this is a team that can compete with any team in the league. They're 5-6 right now, but could very easily be 8-3 (five-point loss in Toronto in Week 1, three-point loss in BC in Week 10 and four-point loss yesterday in Calgary). There is a fine line between being good and being great; Hamilton is good right now with the chance to be great.

And also, let's not forget that the Argos were 6-9 last year and went on to win six straight to take home the Cup. With the East hardly having anything resembling a world beater amongst its ranks, I see no reason why the team can't continue to grow and make a run at the end of the season.

Thanks for posting torch,
This team is light years ahead of last season,

The defense is really coming around, Simoni, Rico, Davis, Bulcke, Courtney Stephen,
Scott made 7 tackles last night, Neil King made an outstanding Special Teams tackle.
Cornish was held to 78 yards

The O Line was great last night, Hughes although he had 2 sacks was a non factor,
Hank on many plays was standing in the pocket with absolutely no pressure on him,
We have the best QB in the league right now IMHO
C J Gable had another 150 Yrd game
Fantuz was fantastic

Special teams - not so much
Tavoy Moore is disappointing so far to say the least
Congi- bad game
Bartel was fine, but looks a little slow getting it off

All 7 remaining games are winnable.

This team has a chance to turn the corner and go on a run.