Keeping the Cats in Check

Thought this was an interesting article. We've got a very confident group, and really why shouldn't they be!!!

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No reason not to be confident, just don't get overconfident. Hamilton averaged 20 points a game against us this year so it's reasonable. It would be nice if it were less.

21 - 20 Bombers sounds about right, nothing disrespectful about that prediction.

....this game will be close....more likely a defensive struggle....advantage Bombers :wink: :rockin:

Cold weather will mean more running plays and we'll need to keep Cobourne and their QB in line. (I assume they'll be playing both QBs.)

I'm thinking Pierce is going to be one hungry SOB come Sunday ... other than the Defense, that's going to the deciding factor :thup:

Cold weather game. Cobourne hasn't been spectacular in his first season with the Cats, Garrett has looked really good since stepping in after Reids injury and torched the cats for 131 yards in their last game. Turnovers will be the big key here, avoid coughing the ball up. Glenn has thrown costly picks in each of the games this season, another one this game could put the Blue on a plane to BC. Should be a good one.

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