Keeping out 8 weeks

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The injury bug has already bitten the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Centre Jeff Keeping will be out eight weeks with a knee injury, according to head coach Mike O'Shea.

The 11-year veteran, who signed with the Blue Bombers as a free agent this season, has spent most of his career with the Toronto Argonauts.

The Western product was a CFL All-Star in 2013.

The Blue Bombers open the season at home to the Montreal Alouettes on June 24.

Also, wide receiver Addison Richards is likely to miss the season opener with a hand injury.

The Bomber's OL has been its greatest enemy for a few seasons, but seemed to be a bit stronger this year. What a horrible blow to start the season. Hope he bounces back well.

How has Goosen looked in camp? Asking him to jump into C at this point is a tall ask.

....Goosen is the player we thought he was when we drafted him...A solid starter for us this year....Yeah, tough break for Keeping although it looked to be much worse....He should be back before Labour Day....Travis Bond (6'6/330 is the BIG surprise on the o line...Knocked a few Als. players on their keester and dominated big time....He'll get a starters gig for sure at some point...Overall the O Line has improved quite a bit...Hardrick also had a nice showing...Going to be some vets. pushed hard to keep their jobs, I'd say, as we have brought in a lot of talent...not only on the o line :wink:

That is great news. Hope they have turned the corner on their OL woes.

Hardrick can be pretty good, but sometimes doesn't know when to stop and can draw bad penalties. I think it was 3 15 yarders in 1 game and 1 or 2 in the next last year that introduced him to pine.

I though Couture actually acquitted himself well overall after being pressed into playing center for pretty much the entire second half. Sure, he was up against the 2nd and 3rd backups for the Als, but a good first showing nonetheless IMO.

Bond looked good and can play all 3 positions. We have a few good International options on the OL. Just a matter of how many we keep. I would guess he gets offered at least PR spot if he can't bump Daniels out of a starting job given he can play guard and tackle. Do we keep 2 Internationals around? May depend on Neufeld as well and if he can stay healthy to start the season. If they keep 2, then Hardrick probably is the second one, with a slight edge over Foketi and Walker, who's been dinged up lately.