Keeping it simple

What would be the downside if we just kept it simple

XFL is the American Division and CFL is the Canadian Division

Each keep their own rules

Each team plays 4 interlockig games where visiting teams plays by the host rules. American players come to Canada every year and adjust nicely. This is not rocket science.
We celebrate our diversity.

Winners of XFL and CFL play for the Grey Cup. Two weeks is the break between playoffs and GC giving more prep time for adjustments.

I KNOW that I would attend interlocking games for sure. It doesnt have to be perfect. it would be fun and TV would eat it up

My concern is the ratio rule. American teams wouldn't have a ratio while Canadian teams would. Don't want to see a replay of those old Can Am Bowl games (college)
in the 70's.

I am convinced the ratio would not be a detriment. Lets see. lets not run from it. Canadian players are good now . it will add to the allure of it all.The 7 starters can more than hold their own now imo.

Look at this way. the 7 starters are Canada's best avaiilabe. The corresponding 7 American starters are not their best.

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If powerful and substantial TV revenue says finish the season by the start of NFL then so be it.

IMO, the CFL ratio is what holds the CFL back. I am 100% for getting rid of it. I want the best talent playing the game, period.


Well that may prove to be true but lets see and not speculate. My opinion is that 7 Canadian starters is not the issue at all

They are in the NFL. Canadian ratio allows Canadians to play.

Unless there's a huge population increase in Canada and a significant investment in sports infrastructure at the youth level Canadians face a major challenge in keeping up with the Americans .

Without Canadians the CFL will just be another minor league version of the NFL.

To have kids in high elite sports is significantly steep resulting in many of them falling through the cracks.

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Lets just play. If xfl dominates we can revisit. If not then we can put it to bed.
But fan interest will be rejuvenated.

  1. Playing 4 interlocking games is not go to get the CFL teams the extra $20m a year to break-even

  2. You can’t play 2 football games with one set of rules then week 3 with a different set of rules then go back to the first set of rules for week 4. Especially with rules that fundamentally change the game like 3 or 4 downs

of course you can. this will prove it too. whats the risk? 4 interlocking games per team means they play 2 of 18 with the different rules and those will be must see tv imo

AND teams need about 5 m to break even

But it's not our call or the CFLs call, if the XFL owners, Redbird etc are buying the league and paying the bills. They will decide how, when, where, rules etc. The alternative is no football.
How about waiting to see what happens and what is proposed. It's all talk right now

Of course we have a say. if there is really a need then it is mutual.

No, the fans don't have a say on what rules or format or when the season begins or ends. The owners , the board and the CFL commish and staff have a say

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your first response was that the cfl did not have a say. Ultimately the fans will decide if they like it.

someone elsewhere mentioned one merged league office. i agree.

Do you think this will be simple now that it might be called the MLF League? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Mutant League Football sounds better as Canadian Football could morph into something undesirable.

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And you don't have to do that with proper scheduling home and away. It's all logistics to cover that challenge, and keep home field runs allows for existing logistics without all the costs and hassle of field changes and so forth.

Football in Canada in the fall like always or no deal is worth it.

Sign up for anything else though allowing for an earlier start, even before you get to all the other changes, and you'll have yet another failed spring football venture, for which the USFL was the peak 35 years ago now, and the CFL in its new venture would go down with it.

There's a vast camp of trolls down here who are all about only that spring football elusive magical creature evidently, some who don't even watch XFL or go to games just comment, and thankfully they do not really know The Rock et al except in their MLF fantasies and so forth.