Keeping Faith

I will always have faith in this team, threw the good and bad, that is what a LOYAL fan does. I will continue to go to practices and games to support them! All you people trashing this team SHAME on you, you do relieze we will Have NO football is this area next season, possibly 2 if they don't finish the stadium on time!
GO CATS GO :rockin:
GO CATS GO :rockin:
GO CATS GO :rockin:

We have football now? :smiley:

Now that the Argos have lost, Everything is fine in TigerTown :wink:

We are still in this ! If we put a few wins together ! :thup:

Go CATS Go !

Try to keep Positive TigerTown, all this negative talk does nothing to help ! :rockin:

Only 2 games back of Toronto with 6 games left ! 3 of them at IWS !

Tiger-Cats are in control of their own destiny :thup:

Well, we get our biggie sized seats in a new stadium for the wide asses and greedy guts who didn't feel IWS generated enough profit. IWS would have lasted another 40 plus years with regular maintenance and upkeep. Highest avereage attendance since the early 70's..and higher than the break even costs thrown out by Mitchell and Bob. So, let's spend hundreds of millions of our money on a completely uneeded venue so we can pay more for tickets and food and live without the best current stadium in NA for watching pro football up close and personal. Oh, and thank you McGuinty for wasting another 2 Billion of our money for that feather in your cap.

I have to admire your perseverance and loyalty. I don't think the team is being trashed as much as the fans are just reaching out and looking for a reason(s) why this team, with all their on-field talent, are where they are. I also try to look at the glass as half-full and hope that in the final games, we see a turnaround and the real team shows itself.

Of course we are still in this.

But Im not a Leaf fan.

I dont blindly throw money at an organisation that repeatedly bends me over without even buying me dinner.

Of course I'll be a ticat fan always... But it doesnt make anyone less of a 'true' fan by showing their disgust by not going to a game or 2 or 3.

Steve Milton, as usual, nails it:

This team is not the team that beat Edmonton, that was an aberration.

You gotta admit, Steve cuts right to the chase and tells it like it is. My only hope is that this team can give him something good to write about from here on in.

I have to agree with you xtybe..... I standby this team 100% thick or thin!! It doesn't mean I have to be optimistically silly all the time. If the Cats are playing great, I will be happy and say they are playing great. If they are playing like garbage, I will be p***ed say they are playing like garbage.

Shame on me nothin Bruceallmighty.... you have no right to pass judgement on me or anyone else that want to expresses their feelings through some venting. My "LOYALTY" will never die!!! Thank-you :wink:

Blind Faith maybe. :roll:

Angry trashing and constructive criticism are 2 different things, 13th Man. While I commend your loyalty, you tend to blur these lines for other fans. This team is in trouble. We can't stick our heads in the sand and expect to pull them out in November to see a Grey Cup appearance.

It's ok to acknowledge areas of concern and raise our voices when we're angry. That IS passion. If we really didn't care about this team we'd all delete our accounts and you'd be the only one posting in this Forum.

Its great that you continue to go to practices, not all of us have that luxury. We all return year after year so stop putting yourself up on a pedestal.

I hope we're in the Cup as much as everyone else on this board. And I hope it starts with MTL this Friday night.

Oskee Wee Wee!

I've already posted this elsewhere, but I'll say it again. The controlling hand of the Ti-cat operation; (lucky for us) is
Bob Young. I think he needs to clean out his management and much of his coaching staff. Since Mr. Young admittedly
doesn't know enough about football operations, he needs to lean on someone who does. Doug Mitchell and Bob Obilivich
are no longer the answer and perhaps, never were. Mitchell has already said this is his final season in football and he would
go on to other operations as he continues to work for Mr, Young. To my knowledge, Obie has said nothing to date, but
this is likely the time for him to step down as well. I think it is of prime importance that we get new blood had the top
of this organization; people who know the system and how to recruit while spending Bob's money judiciously and creating
a happy fan base as well. Tall chore, for sure, but this change needs to be made before any other. (IMHO)

Please don't misconstrue this post as being a downer. I am a very devout fan and always will be. Like you, I want only
the very best for this team. :thup:

I have zero faith in this team from the prez and gm down to the last man on the practice squad.

This team has proven for the past 13 years that they aren’t a model or competant franchise.

I will still go to the games and watch them on tv and root for them but I really have no faith that they will turn this around anytime soon.

We have a head coach who really isn’t that much different from the coach we fired last year.

Our defense is worse than the last 3 years.

We have a QB approaching 40 with no clear future QB in sight.

Our oline isn’t really that good.

Don’t even talk about our dline.

Most of these issues have been around the last 13 years before Bob Young took over as our caretaker.

Even Leaf fans have no faith in their team anymore. They know year in, year out, that finishing 7th or 8th might be possible.

Until the Cats prove me wrong and become a consistent franchise, I have no faith in them.

Every other team in this year has had consecutive winning seasons and made the Grey Cup. We can barely string 2 9-9 seasons together.

Did I mention your name or anyones else's "NO I DIDNT", so why be bitter with me, unless your just a poser, you have nothing to worry about Bro!

This was about keeping FAITH and some of you still chirp me on that! To much, like I said before to many bashers on this forum.
You don't like the post, simple don't comment on it. You have nothing nice to say them don't say anything! I will never losse faith or trash talk the team, WIN,LOSE,TIE, i will always stand by the TI-CATS!!!

It is fine to stand by the team, but it is equally fine to criticize them as well. And I don't think criticizing them means you aren't standing by them. I think every Tiger-Cat fan hopes the team finds a way to turn this around in the next six weeks and get into the playoffs and win the Grey Cup. But I see nothing wrong with not thinking that will happen. I don't think it makes anyone a bad fan or a better fan.

If we use this logic, there would be very few posts in this forum.

I hate posters on here who start a topic, throw out their opinion and then when it's questioned they take offense.

We know that you have faith in the Cats but it has been pointed out above all the reasons to question why you still have faith, when many die hards, myself included, don't really have faith anymore.

If don't post negative win, lose or draw, then in reality, you are part of the problem. I think you said you liked the Leafs and that's where your faith influence is coming from.

The Leafs sell out every game, win, lose or draw. With a salary cap in place, they are now making 20-30 million dollars more than pre-lockout. Why in the hell would they try win when they know they have you? Yes, I know they try to win but nothing is working. Even with their new ownership, I don't think you are going to see big changes. Management would like to have the Leafs in the playoffs because they get 3-4 million per home game. But even without the playoffs, they are making a killing

Now, with the Cats losing last week and looking like crap the last 2 months, you are going to see 20,000 people tops. You think management will recognize this? Yes, they will. They won't sit on their hands. A playoff home game every year could mean the Cats breaking even and becoming a winner also helps them make money. You are going to see more changes in gate driven leagues where tickets aren't in demand.

At the end of the day you have to remember 1 thing. Sports is a business. It's about 1 thing and 1 thing only to ownership. Making money. That's it. As a fan, you want your team to make money and not be a charity case or a business write off.

Does Bob Young care about this team? Yes. He wants the Cats to win. The more the Cats win, the less money he loses. Is the problem Bob Young? No. In reality it's the GM as he is the one who puts the team on the field together. We rag on Mitchell but in reality all he has done on is hire Obie to make the football decisions.

So please, all of us have our opinions and we have to listen to each other. But if you don't want your opinion critisized or questioned, don't post and don't start threads.

It cracks me up when people say stuff like this. Yes, you have the right to express your opinion, but everyone else has the right to judge you and if they are feeling really motivated, point out the flaws in your opinion. People judge each other constantly. Welcome to reality. :lol:

There are also ENOUGH NEGATIVE THREADS on here all ready, this one was suppose to be positive, but i KNEW that would not last! Don't you think I'm at least a little right, in saying that. Your ALL be typing a different keyboard when the Cats win the Cup this year!
Dont worry this will be my last post on here, my Facebook group is way better anyways, and I even have players on it that will talk to the fans, unlike on here where all I see is people stating what needs to be done and how they would do it! No matter what the topic is.
READ THE TITLE.... its called Keeping the Faith. not trash the team, or say you have faith, but only have positive things when we win!

I admire your conviction, Bruce. I also admire the passion of the many posters on this site who are angry at this team's performance and want to see better results. In the end, we are all fans. It's when we stop talking (and complaining) about the Cats that we need to be worried. Apathy is worse than anger.