Keeping 2 kickers

How much longer can it last? McCallum had an amazing year but at his age, its very possible that next year he will be worse than Sandro DeAngelis! He's at the tail end of the twilight in his career and at best has 2 years in him, possibly none.
Sean Whyte has proved himself a few times for punting and placekicking. he'll obviously take over after McCallum retires. But when you consider the cost of 2 kickers ($ that could go into the O-line) and potential for ego clashes, can this arrangement last another year?

McCallum really isn't making this an easy decision for Buono, that's for sure. He had his two best seasons, statistically, these past two years and didn't really show signs of slowing down. It's almost as if Whyte is pushing him to play at his very best just so he doesn't lose his job.

That being said, this can't keep going. Whyte has been with the team for three years, and something has gotta give. This article sheds some good light on the situation:

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It's a dilemma that's for sure. Actually, given the way McCallum played in 2009 I was very surprised at his performance this past season. I wonder if it was, " Come on Wally, I still got it. Let me prove it to ya....if not then you can trade me."

I hope he continues but it's gotta be tough on Sean Whyte. He needs as as much playing time as possible or he's not going to improve very much.