Keep your head on boys!

A lot of postings in various newspapers have been predicting a Ti-Cat win. Don't listen to them Tigers, the Als may have a lot going against them right now, but it's all a charade. Go into Montreal expecting the game of your lives, because even if the Als are half the team they were last year, they are still dangerous and you are going to have to stagger the swager in order to overcome the peg.

Godspeed boys

I hope they're reading this Hammer. I totally agree, and I'm sure the coaches have preaching this message ALL week long!!

The Cats have got to go at Montreal as though they are healthy and have all hands on deck!!!!

Home field is never an advantage. Look at the last two seasons.

yeah, time for a little pay back to whoever gave the Cats second place the last two years :rockin:

As far as I'm concerned it is Hamilton's game to lose. I hope Dr Jekyl shows up tomorrow and not Mr Hyde. :wink:

Keep an eye open for the fake punts. Montreal has been sucessful with this a few times this season.

Put it this way ,who ever is ahead at the end of the first quarter will win the game. neither team is going to let up, so
a quick start is soooooooooooo important!!!!!!!!!!!!! Montreal - 17 hamilton - 6 at end of 1st. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: