Keep your chins up Bomber fans

Bomber fans, I know you guys haven't looked very good the first 3 games of the season but it's a long season and things can turn around for you quickly. Yes, the Lions played spectacular last night and dominated but we all know that Winnipeg has the potential to be a very good team in this league, just like last year. I hope you turn it around and keep coming out to Canad Inns Stadium to support your team.

I wish you the best of luck the rest of the season, just not next week in BC :wink:

For any of you who are interested, here is a clip from the Lions lockerroom after their win last night in Winnipeg:

Wally is one hell of a coach.

At least the lions can now chear
“we are not the worst”
“we are not the worst”
“we are not the worst”

It's 'cheer' first off, and secondly, why make such an unclassy response to a classy thread?

Lions will win the West, I'm not too worried Ro.

Ro takes every opportunity to jab the Lions. Way to stay on topic ro which, incidentally, was about the Bombers and support to them.

Great post RLR.

Bombers won't stay down too long I'm sure. The beginning of the season isn't as important as the end - we know that now, don't we?

And the Lion's aren't used to that cheEr about being the worst. Don't you worry, we'll be chanting "We're number one" before long. That's the one that we know.

Honestly, it's pathetic that in his rush to slam our team he can't even spell a basic, one syllable word correctly. Don't get too excited ro, our game last night was indication of what we're really about.

You would not know class if it hit you in the face with a flounder…
I was complementing the lions on not being the worst team in the league and that’s how you respond…?

wow !
Deb is complaining about being jabbed on the forum…
Quelle surprise!

It's "locker-room" or "locker room" not "lockerroom"

sure ro, I was born, but it wasn't yesterday.

I have more class in my Geroy jersey than you do in your entire being.

AND I can spell.


Ya might wanna try that again

Ro honestly, you are a mod on this forum. Stay on topic here and quit acting like a baby. I make a thread trying to tell Bomber fans to keep their heads up and that things will turn around and you somehow take it so off topic. Either stay on topic or get out of my thread.

Well considering the last time they were the worst in the league it was 1992. And considering they have been first in the league a few years now I dont think that cheer will be heard for some time.

You need to work on your compliment delivery style

I was complementing the lions on not being the worst team in the league.....If you cant see that, its not my problem.

You don't get to tell anyone which thread they can or cannot post in!

Prob not but the past is meaningless

The problem is that when a team has only 1 win, and it is against a win less team…it does not leave a whole lot to complement!

Ro, if you want to compliment the Lions, be my guest. Judging from your previous posts with regards to the Lions organization, I have a hard time believing that what you were posting was a compliment to the Lions. I don't think I am alone on this one. Now I don't have the luxury of going and deleting people's posts like you have done to me, but if I did then I can sure tell you all of yours in this thread would have been gone a long time ago. Way off topic.

And Ro, if you really want to compliment the Lions, you can do so by congratulating them on winning the Grey Cup in 2006 and 2000 against your beloved Alouettes. Have a nice day.


What the Lions beat a winless team and they are automatic to go to the Grey Cup! Is this not what I heard from certain fans after the loss to the Stamps. LOL

It's now THAT they won, it's HOW they won.

In convincing fashion with the QB in fine form.

Be worried.

But this thread is about the Bombers, not the Lions.

By the way the Bombers have a lot to be concerned with after losing three straight and have looked at best disorganized. Of course we all would like to see them turn it around has nothing to do with the Lions though which by the way has only won a game more then the Bombers. Get those streamers out by your flight to Montreal. And by the way Wally is a dirt bag.

Deb very true I guess you should be excited about beating a win less team. And yes you have to feel for the Bombers.

Do you pack a toy gun to go with your pretend airplane?

A winless team that had played two games.

Keep it real ro (and posse).