keep this site active

hey all you ottawa football die-hards, we need to keep this site active with conversation, keep yourselves in the loop cause according to one radio station on friday, the commish is saying that there will be football in the nations capital next season.
bill palmer and his group are again part of the equation. someone should ask the league to change the site to OTTAWA FOOTBALL not ottawa renegades
cause they're coming back with ROUGH RIDERS.
it appears as though the major stumbling block is not coming from the league but from your city
$17,000 to play a game at frank clair! i can see why no ownership has succeeded. just let ownership run the stadium and call it a day.

city legend

huh? it's only 17K or are you missing a 0?

Last time it was 61K to play a game and that included not getting the concessions(and possibly other things like boxes revenue) Revenues.

This should be kept active, funny how the CFL screwed over the fans, where is Ottawa's Local Ownership? why did no one step up when there was the chance?

Should the CFL give anyone who offers to put a team in Ottawa the keys to the franchise?

Perhaps if the fans in Ottawa signed a petition saying they would support Owner X if he was given the team.(and would BUY FRICKEN TICKETS!)

You’re on. I’ve been quiet because I was in mid-move but I plan on keeping an eye on things.

What radio station would you have heard this on?

I saw an article that the new commish is finally going to meet with city officials, and that will hopefully get things back on track.

Unfortunately, that came from Marty York. I'd feel better if McMahon would confirm it. :wink:


Marty doesn't seem to dig the new guy a lot. That's the tone I get out of the articles I've seen, anyway...

I believe this may be accurate though, but I don't buy that Palmer would be back into the negotiating. So along with that, I'm not convinced that Rough Riders would be the name for certain since that was a Palmer thing.

I don't care what the name is I just want football back in Ottawa.