Keep Them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[b]Morreale and Hitch are two keepers. They are local, so they understand the community. They are Canadian, that helps the ratio. They are still good players. They have been solid leaders, they only constant, besides Ron, from they Grey Cup teams. Their leadership and lockerroom presence has helped in the develpment of our younger talent.

Keep Them!!!![/b]

i strongly aggree!!!! Their presence on and off the field will be difficult to replace.. Just remember what people see on the field isnt the only contribution to the community these players give.If Morreal says hes good for another 2 seasons, they should be here not in some town out west. As far as Hitchcock goes..... why would anybody in their right mind want to let him go????? either one for that matter

I agree - if they are the best "bang for the buck" that is there at camp. If not then let them loose.


They may be the last link to our last Grey Cup win.... BUT you dont see Saskatchewan keeping around members from their '89 team do you.....

just food for thought. (although i like them on the team and what they bring to the feild)

They will both be gone next year. Unlike Marshall, the new coach will have no emotional attachment to these players, and he will want to build up his team with young players who can contribute all the time, not just in “situational” moments. Bye Bye passengers.

Hitchcock and Morreale should stay. The team will need a heart and soul during the re-building and these two can provide that. Keeping them for another couple of years or so would be a smart move. It will take at least that amount of time to re-build this team.

Just because a guy is from Hamilton, that shouldn't guarantee him a place on the team. And if you think these two guys should be kept around to "mentor" other players or "give pep talks" in the dressing room, my question is why? They were on the team this year and their influence on other players hasn't made a lick of difference. Let go of the past and move on already.

I hope with all my heart that both these Players get to retire as Tiger Cats. The two of them have played 150% every time they have played. Both are keepers. pat_cat :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

I like both these players a lot. But I think ticatsackattack is right. They've given a lot to the team ovr the years, but their ability to contribute on the field will be more and moer limited next year. A new coach is going to start fresh and build what he wants for the future,without consideration for nostalgia about a Cup win 8 years ago or the local roots of any player. That's the way it should be.

I'd like them both to retire as Ticats too, but I hope they do it this winter, rather than find themselves getting cut next year. As a news item on the site today indicates, we have some new Canadian talent on the way. Time to make room for it.

Oh, do you mean the leadership they provided this year when the Cats were floundering so badly, game after game, after game? I think you guys have forgotten Desjardin's comments regarding the team's lack of urgency, how flat the dressing room was, how lifeless the practices were. Where were the leaders? I know it isn't as easy to lead when you've been relegated to part-time status but maybe they've been relegated to that role for a reason.

They have both been great players for a lot of years but they aren't any longer. Contributions to the community? While admirable, that and a toonie will get you a coffee at Tim's.

If you want a better on-field product, the personnel has got to be improved upon. Time for these guys' names to go up on the wall.

An Argo fan

Considering their level of seniority, they are probably making max dollars for Canadian players in their postions.

Marcel just may find that spending that money elsewhere would be wiser. I’m inclined to agree.

so does this mean that because nobody (and i mean nobody )played to their potential this year, that we should just can everybody and start with a complete younger team?? Not!!! i think that our team did as “well” as we did was because of players like moreale and hitchcock. All these other “i am a football god” players are the ones that should get the boot…Alot of this locker room talk and crap about not playing to their potential,reminds me of having to deal with children… These are grown men… If they would just put their egos aside and play like a team then we would be awesome.

They only deserve to comeback if the EARN their spots on the roster. As with any player on this team now. The don''t get a spot just because they are long time Tiger -Cats and from Hamilton. If they can outplay others that come to camp fine. But I don't want to sacrice other talents on this team just to give one or both of them a spot.

They only deserve to comeback if the EARN their spots on the roster. As with any player on this team now. The don''t get a spot just because they are long time Tiger -Cats and from Hamilton. If they can outplay others that come to camp fine. But I don't want to sacrifice other talents on this team just to give one or both of them a spot.

Good teams are entitled to have the luxury of including sentiment on their playing roster.

Cat's presently have a pathetic team.

nuff said

I completly agree 150%...

Cats are pathetic ONLY because of the "I AM A FOOTBALL GOD" attitude that just so happens to be alot of our players..... nobody proved themselves this year.... hopefully this year cuts those attitudes down a notch or two or ten.... then maybe we can have a contending team next year.. As a coach i would rather have a full team of good but "non cocky" players than have a team full of "look at me " players

In all reality you will end up with both.

true but to say only good teams can keep their "hometown player" is just wrong. If they can come back next training camp and do just as well then why not ..... as long as they are invited is all im saying.In that mindset why are we keeping corey holmes then.... what did he do this year??? or how about Brock Ralph??? neither of them did a whole bunch..

I look at it this way. If Hitchcock makes the team next year, the Cats are in serious trouble. The same is true of Morreale but to a lesser degree. These guys have had their day. They aren't going to get any better than what they were this year--shadows of their former selves and players on a 4-14 team. The team needs younger guys in their prime or with upside AND with some pride!!

However, as an Argo fan I hope both play prominent roles with the Cats in 2007.

An Argo fan