Keep the Retro Dance Squad

I thought the Ticat Cheer team looked fantastic tonight. I wouldn't mind seeing them stay with the retro look for the rest of the year. Leslie Stewart looked especially shagadelic.

Don't know about "the rest of the season", but I agree they looked great!

Keep up the music of the sixties...far better than that rap crap.
I espescially loved the James Brown tunes. :cowboy:

This was very well done.

Kudos to all involved with the dance team and the song selection.

8) They sure did look great Bob. I will cast my vote now that those young ladies continue to wear those 60's outfits for the rest of the year !!! :D
  Heck, lets make every home game a retro game if that is what it takes to do it  !!!!!        <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

Sorry folks: the dance team wardrobe has to be returned to Hollywood for the next Austin Powers movie.

Looked good today!

Girls looked great , love the songs that they picked !!!!

As much as I enjoyed the TiCat win, I REALLY enjoyed watching the retro-fitted cheerleaders.

Something about micro-mini shirts, high-heal boots and beautiful, talented women... :slight_smile:

With all the talk of player uniform colours and all, I vote to keep the mini-skirts and drop the track suits (I'm talking cheerleaders of course :wink: ).

Vote? (how do you start a poll on here?)


Sorry... I just noticed this topic had been posted.

At least I wasn't the only one to appreciate the gorgeous cheerleaders and the great routines they perform (each game).

Well done Lesley and ladies (tight, well rehearsed and fabulous choreography). Just adds to a great game-day experience.


They did look very Switch On
Baby Ya..

I so agree, mixing up the music with 60's-80's, even some country wouldn't be bad either

I've never been crazy about the uniforms our "cheerleaders" wear and the "dance routines" they perform. I'd much prefer to have more traditional cheerleaders, in skirts, doing cheers to real music, not gyrating to the heavy base of some rap or dance music nonsense.

They looked a lot better tonight though.