keep the nfl out

Don't worry Bob McCowan from the FAN 590 (Toronto) said the NFL is never coming to TO. Thats good enough for me.

Baseball makes squat as far as TV revenues go in CAnada.

Nobody wanted baseball until Sportsnet picked it up for those Sunday night games. I dobut Sportsnet even pays for the games. Because outside of the Blue Jays baseball TV ratings are terrible.

And the NBA gets absolutely nothing from CAnadian TV. The NFL gets money because CTV is associated with Rogers who is trying to get an NFL team. But still, NFL ratings are almost half of CFL ratings most weekends.

None of your arguements make one iota of sense

I insert one little comment in the thread and suddenly ALL of my arguments don't make sense. One comment- that's all.

By the way, it's simply based upon the way the TV industry works in Canada. There's not enough space to go into it here but the way advertising is sold on networks depends upon the number and size of markets penetrated. The decline of viewership in the prime market would lead to many advertisers taking a pass on the CFL. It happened just a couple of years ago when ratings showed limited TO viewership from Hogtown when the Argos were in the doldrums.
Recent recover in ratings from the area have led to an uptick in sponsorship and an improved TV deal that's helping the overall league.

I posit that in an era of inflationary pressures and declining revenue that there may be a likely change in league-wide financing that would change the business model over time.

Golly gee willikers friend, some of us are commenting from at least a tiny knowledge base.

Mexico City is more likely for an NFL team then Toronto is. It probably goes:

  1. Los Angeles/Anaheim
  2. Mexico City
  3. San Antonio
  4. Any other city in the United States

I bet my bottom dollar Sportsnet and Ted wishes that he had an NFL team that he bought years ago rather than a baseball team. He would be a lot richer albeit he doesn't need the money of course and his heart is with baseball also I think.

The thing I wonder about is why in the world would they come to Canada and give a Canadian owner a cut of all that TV money . I think that if they ever came to Canada that it would be given to a American owner who is already in there loop. Remember that owner of Birmingham I think he owned Fed Ex and he tried to use the CFL to somehow impress the NFL owners. Something like that but anyway the guys extremely loaded and he cant get a NFL team why would they give one to this godfrey clown. What would actually be laughable or ironic is that if it did ever come to Canada that he didnt get the team, I wonder how happy he would be then that asshole.

The only thing Bobby though is that Toronto is no Birmingham in terms of prestige of cities. I hate to say this, it pains me, but Toronto is considered a very desirable international respected large city in the big wig circles that has a "presence". You can bet the NFL would like a team there for this reason, surely more than a town like Buffalo which is on the economic decline. Toronto is a growing city and economically on the upswing, has a huge media presence also. That being said, I would take Montreal in a heartbeat over Toronto for culture and the place I'd rather live but it isn't economically in Toronto's class I don't think, culturally though far beyond.
That is if I wanted to live in a big Canadian city which I don't although nice to live like I do about an hours drive from one, use the big city for stuff when you need to or want to.

honestly, NFL will not come to Canada anytime soon.

Knowledgeable American's are well aware of the failure of professional frachises in Canada such as Vancouver's NBA and Montreal's MLB. And they do not associate these failures as local but rather reflective of all of Canada. If two of the three largest cities in Canada cannot support a franchise in these sports, why would a third survive in a city where Hockey is king and snobbery its crown prince will be their question?

They are also aware that Toronto is not a large enough market to allow Toronto to purchase a serious contender in Baseball (New York evny) like they did in the past with free agent signings such as Dave Winfield, Paul Molitor, Dave Steward, Jack Morris etc., especially with today's salaries.

In a league such as the NFL where 9 players being paid the league minimum translates into a higher payroll than an entire CFL 46 man roster, which Toronto struggles to meet, why would they chance it?

An NFL franchise in Toronto will only happen if the ALL NFL owners see Toronto having a team as helping them in some way, particularly in their pocket books.

Personally, I think they value the CFL too much as a farm league for the NFL and that is where they want us and that is where they will keep us...They are more than happy with the status quo and are more in tune to other major cities in the USA not having a NFL franchise and wanting one desperately. A few folks in Toronto may now think that it is "fashionable" to want a NFL franchise, but it is less of a desire than the millions of American's living in major USA cities who do not have a franchise yet are desperate to have one.

If two of the three largest cities in Canada cannot support a franchise in these sports,
I'll give you qualified support on this. The owner of the Grizzlies at the time said it was the 70 cent Canadian dollar that did it. Lauria sid the same afterwards regarding the Expos. The funny thing is that right now either would be a more than viable franchise. The question would be if someone wants to chance the currency swings because they could make money in the short term.

As with a lot of business failures in Canada "it is always someone else's fault" is their excuse... low dollar, crappy weather, transportation costs, unfriendly governments...
The truth is, is that sports is a part of culture and Canadian culture is not one where basketball, baseball or American football has a defining role, like hockey does up here. Let's just stick to what we do best... hockey, CFL and formula One racing.

Football is fine.. Canadian Football that is.

All the arguements here are totally ridiculous.

The NBA is failing in Canada because nobody cares about the NBA in cAnada.

BAseball gets squat from CAnadian Tv because its ratings suck.

And why would the CFL face a decline in TV ratings if Toronto got an NFL team?

Like does the NHL hurt CFL ratings? Hell no. So why would the NFL have any impact?

Actually, I think hockey does effect the CFL...
With a hockey game on TV every day here on some channel, I think more and more Canadians tune into hockey games rather than a CFL game once hockey starts... As all knowledgeable CFL fans know, TV is not the big income maker for them like in other major USA sports but rather home game attendance...

HOckey only affects the cFL when they're head to head. And that hardly ever happens. If ever.

Head to head with the NFL the CFL always easily comes out on top. There's no comparison.

And funny how its only the cFL that is supposedly going to suffer? I say the other fringe sports like Blue Jays and Raptors are going to lose fans to the new toy in Toronto.

Because American sports are not popular up here, and there ain't enough fans to go around.

Watch the Jays or RAptors take a big hit in attendance and interest if the NFL team comes to Hogtown. The CFL has now worries whatsoever.

I agree... the CFL has no worries from an NFL franchise because one will not come here...These arguments are of the mind rather than being practical.

American's are so xenophobic now, and too busy thinking about themselves that the pros and cons of a sport franchise in another country is farther from their minds than it is to us...

I think these arguments are more reflective of just how unpopular Toronto is with the rest of Canada and what is most likely good for Toronto often translates into something not so good for the rest of us.

those who thinks the cfl would be ok with nfl in canada have got to be the most braindead people on this planet. Clearly in the lower third of the IQ pyramid.

Corporate Canada (essentially Toronto) would support NFL instead of CFL (because they’re cool like that)thus killing the CFKL. I have no doubt there’d be fan support but no corporate support. We already have a better league. Keep the NFL in Buffalo. Anyways, it’s a pipe dream. La is way ahead of Toronto. Secondly, why Toronto? Why would the NFL want to kill the CFL? It could have if it wanted so obviously they don’t. Put an NFL team in Mexico before Toronto. Fans in Canada, with or without a team will still be fans. Grow your market. Portland, San Antonio, LA (x2) there’s still a whole lot of markets inside the USA

All these arguements make no sense whatsoever?

So corporate CAnada won't support the CFL? What, they'll drop hockey too? And curling?
And Formula 1? And CHL? And CIS? All because Toronto has an American football team?

And of course the Blue Jays and Raptors won't be affected on iota by an NFL team in Toronto? Its only the CFL that will suffer?

What kind of inferiority complexed people are you? Has the NBA hurt the CFL? Has baseball hurt the CFL? Hell no.

If the CFL can coexist with hockey and prosper, it'll have no problem with the NFL.

Becuase the NFL is not that big up here. And if fans continue to support the cFL even with an NFL team in Hogwtown, why would corporate Canada ignore that?

has the nba hurt cfl? Well, what city has nba? What cfl city has the poorest cfl support for the amount of population?

There are only so many people willing to pay for football. Too many, specially in toronto will pay for NFL instead of CFL. Very few if anyone is going to pay for both. Only an idiot would think the NFL would not hurt the CFL in Toronto.