Keep the "C' in CFL - Great article

This is a really cool article...if I had the cash, I'd pay for this guy's trip up to Ivor Wynne myself. Pretty cool to see the odd American stand up for us and our league.

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Super article, thanks slo for the link.

So true!

So, this CFL fan from far off California values the tradition of the CFL so highly

and yet many narrow-focussed Canadians would rather brush culture and heritage aside,

for a small dose of, real or perceived, U.S. talent on CFL rosters? Who wudda thunk?

Man...I couldn't have said it better myself. What we need is some sort of grass roots movement from all the fans where ever they reside to let Cohon and the BoG to know....WE WILL NOT ACCEPT THESE PROPOSED CHANGES!! DON'T DO IT!!!

Well, so far, I have to say that Cohon has done a pretty good job of getting the broader fans perspective on things before entertaining any changes. Remember last year they polled fans about potential rule changes.

So, kudos for that. I can't see this issue being any different.

Awesome !! The CFL is so CANADIAN, Im at the Grey Cup its unbelievable how Canadian it is, and look at the Riders receiving core, CANADIAN

My favourite (Cdn spelling) lines are:

"I want some of your countrymen to quit apologizing for not being the NFL," he said. "There's an attitude that if it's American it's gotta be better. And that's not true. In a lot of areas that's not true. Like with beer and beans, sometimes less is more."

Wow, there is hope for our American friends yet. This fellow sees the value of the CFL and its rich History. I wish more Canadians had the passion this man does about our own league.
I agree with him 100%, leave the league the way it is.
Leaves me with a question? Why is it some one thinks they need to fix what isn’t broke.
Doc 8)

Amen. If anything the CFL should INCREASE the non-import number by 3 and let 3 vets per team with 5 full seasons on the same team be designated as non-imports so long as they remain with that team.