Keep Sinkfield out of the Backfield

Gable single handed won them a game earlier in the year running for 120 yards before he got hurt.

Let him run or decoy or block, wildcat whatever.
Stop wearing down Sinkfield, let him do what he does best, catch and run!

Even though I think Sinkfield can be an asset as a situational runner, it looks like Sinkfield was probably responsible for one of our fumbles where the ball was knocked out of Masoli's hands on a play fake.

On the replay it seemed like he wasn't expecting the ball at all.

There were a few botched exchanges/broken plays between QB and RB today. I hope that gets cleaned up in practice this week.

I would like to see Ford in at RB again. We also need to commit to the running game from the beginning and not just on first down. Our offensive plays are way too predictable.

Ford was injured just before Gable returned and it's very likely he isn't available.

One game injured list, meaning they can practice and can come off at anytime when healthy

27 FORD, Michael* RB
30 LANGA, Jay LB
63 HOWARD, Cord* OL
64 BOMBEN, Ryan OL
80 TOLIVER, Terrence* WR
96 HAZIME, Hasan