Keep Ron Lancaster on the radio he is great!

While listening to the game agaist toronto, for some reason I enjoyed the broadcast alot.Why? After talking to a few friends it came very apparent Lancasters laid back way of anouncing was a fresh relaxing look at the sport from a sometimes way to serious sport. Some fans are getting to serious too, and while listening to him I had to laugh a couple times respecting this is well knowledgable CFL vet and coach. I knew he had to bite his lip a couple times not to say something more.He was a cheering for the team too in a real fashion too that was also funny. Ron keep that style up and it just maybe might rub off on some of our way to serious fans! Thankyou.

I too loved the "Little General's" work.There is a lot of insight there.The play by play call is pretty good too. Perhaps a more frequent update as to who is playing the O line and D line would help the listeners. Overall, the broadcast duo looks very good. I don't know whether they have a spotter and stats guy but that would complete a very professional team broadcast.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

I was listening to the game too. Lancaster is really good on the radio. Not that Im too surprised but I was quite impressed.

id like to hear rons voice during the games on TSN.

There were a few plays that I think he read what was about to happen before they even developed.

I thought the broadcast was well done, but my only problem was them not announcing the lineup, who was playing in what position, etc.

The background noise at Rogers seem drowned out Ron from time to time but enjoyed the broadcast. :smiley: seemed like Rons mic wasn't high enough.

Yea, i can't believe I forgot about that, they definitely need to boost the broadcasters mics when the crowd starts cheering when they're talking, or lower the volume of the crowd during in those situations.

Three thumbs up for coach Ron.
I found myself learning how to handle the time clock as the 2nd quarter wound down.
(Oh,third thumb is the wifes.)

I agree 100%. It’s great to hear Ron Lancaster back in the broadcast booth.

I truly enjoy Ron's insight and explanations of things evolving on the field that the average fan may not notice.

I also like his accented radio voice.

One can never have too much Ron Lancaster, I've always said. Well, except when he was QBing the Green Machine.

An Argo-Cat fan

No knock on Ronnie, but I really miss the gentle, avuncular presence and intelligence of Coach Sal. Too bad we are blessed with too much talent in this area.

I think Sal and Ron are pretty close to equal in knowledge, but Ron gets it across to the listening fans better. Ron doesn't sound as "preachy", and very laid-back. Most of what I know about football strategy I learned from watching him as a player and listening to him on CBC as a commentator.

I really enjoyed listening to him. But the other guy Yikes? to many mistakes, but it's pre-season so.....

I really like him a lot too!

I loved how right before Sandy Beveridge's Interception he was talking over Rick!


I had a good laugh about that one!

After the int had been made of course :slight_smile:

I like ron a lot on the broadcasts. He could speak up a bit though at times or turn up his mike. It seemed like rick was confused on the score a fair bit though and kept saying the cats had 2 points long after they scored more. I wish sal was still involved somehow and maybe he should do the fifth quarter. Sals football knowledge is so much better than teds(whos isnt?) that we might get more insight.

This thread is Ronnie's fault!



Great to hear one of the greats in Canadian football broadcasting behind the mic again!

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