Keep Reilly Healthy Club

YA all should create a club whereas you pool money to take out the o-line to dinner every game they successfully protect Reilly from injury. No sacks or hard take downs means they get dessert and extra drinks.

That would get really expensive seeing the Esks were 1st for sacks against last season.

I would say Reilly is fairly well protected seeing he has started and finished every game except for one in the last two seasons and was a non-starter only to allow James Franklin a start.

The biggest difference in keeping Reilly healthy has been Maas who changed his QB's game making him a pocket passer who stands and delivers. While that makes him somewhat of a stationary target he is less exposed than when he was moving the launch point or taking on LB's when he runs. Just ask Zach Collaros, who has only started 44 of 72 games mostly, because he rolled out and was exposed when extending plays.

The Esks offensive line has come a long way from 2013 when they gave up 60 sacks and Reilly was running for his life on most plays. Kelly, Sorensen and O'Donnell are all high quality players that many consider all-star quality, but needed reps to evolve. Beard, who is only 25-years-old, is in the midst of that evolution now going into his fourth season and his second as a regular starter. Anyone who is not expecting Beard to take the next step and ascend to all-star quality this season is just not paying attention.

The only real question mark for the Esks o-line is at RT with D'Anthony Batiste retiring to become the Raiders strength and conditioning coach. Former B.C. Lion Kelvin Palmer has pro experience coming back from the Tampa Bay Bucs and was a part of the Lions line when it was 3rd for sacks two years ago. He most likely wins the RT spot, but if not Jacob Ruby who played 8 games last season along with West Semi-final and West Final will get a look. As a national Ruby could give the Esks a four national o-line and seeing Ruby played RT for the NCAA FBS Richmond Spiders he has plenty of upside to at the position. SMU's Chauncey Briggs is a raw 23-year-old RT who the Esks have brought into to hedge their bets along with Idaho's Mason Woods a 23-year-old national RT who came from the James FRanklin trade. Both Ruby and Woods are 1st rounders and give the Esks plenty of options.

Overall the Esks o-line is in stellar shape in keeping Mike Reilly clean and safe for this season and seasons to come.