Keep PUMKIN HEAD Maciocia or loose him?

Hello wake up and turn the lights on Esks!!!!!!!!!!! As being a Esks fan all the way, in my opinion I think they need to get rid of Maciocia if they dnt wanna repeat last like they did.
Come on already he's already goin that way and I dnt wanna see them go down again like last year!!!!!!!!!! I think Pumpkin Head should be gone and put in someone who'll do something, those boys aleast deserve that much .
Don't know wht all you other Eskies think but he should be gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who agrees? :rockin:

liquorpig, I agree with you that the munchkin is not a quality head coach. The worst thing that happenned to EE was winning the GC the first year the Danny was coach. He inherited a very good team and just rode them out that first year. Being a Rider fan though, I hope that you keep him. :smiley:

Thanks for nothing narles. I agree with you about Nocoachia though. I would be surprised if he lasts the season at this pace. The only way he stays is if they start winning and keep winning.

I heard a rumour on Sportstalk last week that Machocia is going to be promoted to GM and Chapdelaine will be Head Coach.

Be scared!

Be very Scared!

if u don't keep Him Taaffe Will Hire Him Quickly

Yikes that would be a nightmare for these very proud Eskimo fans. Tradition of winning will not happen until these clowns are gone. Sorry Eskimo fans but I am sure you can see these guys do not have a clue. You have a great QB and then the rest of the team are non supporting actors. Good luck.

But, you know what 2005, You guys had to suffer with F-Troop, We had to suffer with Murray Pezzim, and Billy "Brick" Comrie, so after 30 plus years, the Eskies are going through what we have already experienced.

Meh. Fire the whole friggin' lot of them. I don't care...

Sorry, slow to comment here, but what is the local talk about the coaching situation of the Eskies on the "street". Is it the same as we read here?