keep playing Maas

Players Rehab injuries in the gym and at physio -- not on the field!
How does your big round head know that Chang is not ready?
4 and 14. 0 and 4.
You have to put some responsibility for this on the QB. If you don't then you are only fooling yourself--not we of the "pointy heads".

Tommy Boy 1 is right on there. we have given Maas plenty of time to prove himself, hes done. He couldnt do it in Edmonton and he sure isn`t doing it here. Give Chang the start against Winnipeg

i'm on the Maas ban wagon. I don't think Timmy Chang is better than Maas, also you have to take into consideration Chang isn't really that much of a rookie. He spent training camp with the Eagles and a season in NFL Europa. In the game against Montreal Maas played an OK game. He threw a touch down and an interception, but other than that was solid going 16 for 30. Chang threw one touch down and did nothing after that. Not to mention almost all of Maas's recievers are rookies. I also think putting Chang in just brings his confidence down more. I would stick with Maas the whole season. I would not have blamed last night's game on Maas, that one was on the ref's.

I was watching the game that Maas again demonstrated his inability to throw even medium depth passes with any consistancy or velocity. Bad penalties cost us yet another game to be sure but it would not have even been close had we had the 2 of the 1,2 punch running AND passing

PS if you don't want to ruin Chang then put in Williams, NO MAAS

I dont really know how Chang will do if he gets the start against Winnipeg. But why not give the guy a chance right from the start of the game. If hes ineffective, put Maas in

maas still doesn't look impressive, but the receivers still have a long way to go

May I suggest that fans who only see negatives in Jason Maas
take it upon yourselves to get proactive and acquire one of these

If it doesn't work, privately abuse the object of your dissatisfaction.
'Draw and quarter' him to your heart's content in your own homes

and fans like me who see the positives of Jason's performance
won't have our blood pressure spiked up by your posts. :smiley:

by the way...What Positives? He has already mastered "apologising" for not finishing drives and throwing picks and dropping balls! He needs to WIN. PERIOD!

Ron..."REALLY" if it raises your blood preasure so much reading these posts, let me make a suggestion!

This reminds me of the old adage "it hurts so much to bang your head against the will feels so good when you stop"!

...kinda like watching Jason Maas play (by the he hurt or not?...been asking it for a year and a half :roll: yes or no...sit him)

If we do something different(start Chang or Williams)perhaps we will get a different result and then no need for blood pressure to rise! :thup:

OK all you armchair GM's and Coaches, let me spell it out for you.

Jason Maas is done when Charlie Taaffe says he is done.

Timmy Chang will start when Charlie Taaffe says the time is right.

I'll admit I'm starting to get a little worried about this myself, as I'm sure Charlie is. Bottom line is Chang has not grabbed the starting role in his chances to play. He has not played dramatically better or worse. He just hasn't stood out.

And who would that be?

There are games that QBs lose.
Other times they just don't win.

Great (even good) QBs find a way to win.

Maas didn't lose the game against BC.
But he sure didn't find a way to win it.

Every game that he has started has been one he lost or one that he failed to win.

This is difficult for me as I have supported every Ticat starter for over 35 years, but the time has come to give someone else a try.

We need to have a QB that is a winner.

Chang has loads of upside potential. Let's see what he can do.

Pretty much anybody with a pulseat minimum as 3rd stringer and the remainder on keeping or obtaining position players

Well, if we accept your argument and the story line from "the coaches and management and apologists)..then perhaps we could also ask?...Would we be in the same predicament if we played Chang or Williams for a year and a half? (albet at half the salary)

His time here has been a dismall failure for Whatever Reason! I'm sure he is not happy with the situation and NFL cuts will not come in and take over Right Away! I say that because if there was somebody else available...WE Would Have Them!

The righting is on the wall after a 4-14 season and a 0-4 start! It's time to let our young guns play and look to the future!

We can't trade him so just sit him and hopefully he will "recover" if he is hurt and be of assistance to the young guns development!

Chang hasn't stood out??? Have you been watching the same games? Also, how could anyone suggest starting Williams over Chang?

It only to appease those that feel that "throwing Chang to the wolves" will harm his development. I think this is a lousy option but its still better than Maas. Williams was finally showing progress 2 seasons ago when Danny Mac came back and stopped that progress in its tracks. How far he's regressed I'm not certain but even based on this preseason he appears to to be a more versatile QB than Maas and as such gives us a better chance to win.

...last minute of a game sounds good. Too bad the 100+ penalty yards were less amusing........not just passing or dropped balls at the receiver level.


Running backs run the ball and QBs throw it . Any QB in the CFL who tries to run the ball consistently will pay the price . Ask Dickenson or any other QB who scrambles to much , they get nailed and the team pays the price of losing thier starter .

Maas can get away from trouble when he needs to and we have Jesse and Holmes to run the ball . Hamilton needs to find the right group of recievers and stick with them . Apparently they havent as of yet , lets hope the latest guy they have added to the lineup is the breakout reciever we need .

Our play calling gets better every week as they use more and more of Taffes plays each game . I was excited by the plays i saw and the way we kept BC ,( the best defense in the CFL) off guard the whole second half ) on their toes .

If we can play a whole game without a stupid penalty and we dont score more points then I guess it would be the time to look at a chanhge at the QB position . The penalties as well as the drops put us in big holes that no team in the CFL could overcome .


I think Jason has really shown some positives in the last 2 games. If the Cats can pull out a couple wins with him at QB (say go at least 2-1 in the next 3 games) I think it will really boost his confidence to perform in his old ways. He is already showing many signs of being more gutsy and sure of himself.

Our Cats really gave BC a game last week and I think if we play even close to as well and also cut down on flags (although not all are really our guys fault) we will pull out a win vs WIN a PEG.

And I think Jason though improved still looks like he's not capable of winning. We almost pulled the BC game out in spite of terrible QB play

Huh ?? Terrible ?? If you add the balls that should of been caught he would of been probably 75 % completion . Now if any QB is 75 % there is no way he gets the blame for the loss . How many times did BC receivers drop easy catches and how many times did they take stupid penalties in ctitical situations ??? I believe the answer is ZERO !!!!

Coulda shoulda woulda. Maas stunk