keep playing Maas

Why? Because you disagree?

You guys are brutal.

Maas could throw for 400 yards and 6 TDs and the usual suspects would be lined up for the flogging.

Its is plain to see that the team continues to improve week to week and that includes the QB. The CFL season is just starting to heat up now with four games under our belts. Maas' throws were well-placed last night, again tainted by a few drops and a lack of effort on two others.

Does anyone ever wonder how Ben Cahoon and Jason Clermont come down with jump balls or passes into traffic. I haven't seen that yet with our guys. They've gotta get the testicular courage to fight for the ball.

Some have pointed out that all Jason had to do was hand the ball to Lumsden. Well...that's all Chang would have had to do as well. Because as some of you less-informed people on this site may not know...JESSE LUMSDEN IS OUR RUNNING BACK. You're supposed to just hand him the ball.

Maas could throw for 400 yards and 6 TDs and the usual suspects would be lined up for the flogging.


But --- he COULDN'T throw for 400 yards and 6 TD!


Its been a full season and an 0-4 new season with no real improvement from Maas.The rest of the team shows improvement in most areas.
Exactly how long does any reasonable person need to figure out that Maas may not be the right QB here? Are you saying no other options need to be looked at to change this horrible, demoralizing QB situation?

When he does even half of that we'll talk

You guys never even gave him a chance. You had your knives sharpened WAY before the start of training camp. It's literally sickening how you treat players on this site.

This is just the beginning of me telling the world how disgusted I am to be a Tiger-Cats fan, because that would lump me in with those for whom the backup QB is the second coming of Steve Young.

Can you not get it into your pointy little heads that Maas is coming off a serious pair of injuries? And that he has actually shown improvement EVERY GAME HE HAS PLAYED? And that he doesn't call his own plays? And that Chang, however promising he might be, simply is NOT ready to start in the CFL?

If he's injured then he shouldn't play. Pretty simple. I don't see that the improvement is nearly enough to even be anything more than a backup role at this point. He has a dead arm

Sigpig...ignore this troll.

He clearly has an agenda based on EVERY one his posts.

Maybe Maas drove into his Civic or something.

Players Rehab injuries in the gym and at physio -- not on the field!
How does your big round head know that Chang is not ready?
4 and 14. 0 and 4.
You have to put some responsibility for this on the QB. If you don't then you are only fooling yourself--not we of the "pointy heads".

Exactly TB

I'm not sure what my pointy head has to do with anything, and by the way, how did you know my head is pointy. lol
Listen, if Maas came out last night and led the team downfield for a couple of majors, I would not be saying anything here. The game was ours for the taking,which I would not have believed before the game, but nevertheless it was there for the taking. We did not seize that opportunity. We did not seize that opportunity against Montreal. You can blame penalties and dropped balls but even with that we were in the game. Maas did not kill us last night like he usually does, but he did not come through and perform at a level to get us a win. He rarely does. Is it really too much to ask to give Chang a start and see what the results are. I know people would be surprised.
If Maas is hurt give him a couple of weeks to rest and watch this offence from the sidelines. What's the worst that can happen, we lose two more games we were going to lose anyway?

Let’s face it, the playing calling from upstairs was a lot more imaginative last night, and yes Jason appeared very determined. But with five minutes left in the game and only 12 points from Nick Seta field goals on the board, I honestly felt that Charlie left Jason in the game to make a point. The point being that with B.C. on their heels, Mass was simply inadequate.
If it wasn’t for Lumsden’s heroic performance, a tremendous improvement in blocking and a game saving tackle by Seta we wouldn’t even be discussing whether Maas has the potential to lead this team.
His short passes were behind the receivers and his long balls take so long to get to the target they’re basically jump balls with Ticat receivers having to wrestle possession away from B.C. defenders.
Then came the Jo Jo Walker touchdown, which ultimately resulted from a tremendous deke near the goal line.
So Jason gets a reprieve.
But I can’t honestly believe that after more than seven years in the CFL anyone still thinks that Mass is going to “improve? his decision making or the accuracy of his passes. The future of this team is Chang and I hope it comes sooner than later.

As read all the posts here I wonder if some of you saw the same game I did.

I saw a game where the Cats were leading and the officials raped, pillaged and stole the game away from us.

The Interference call against the cats in the fourth quarter led to the lions go ahead touchdown. An interference call that should have been against the Lions, NOT the TiCats. With out the assistance of the officials, BC would not have won the game.

The "spearing" call against Anderson is another clear example of the Zebras assisting the defending champs in obtaining a victory that they would not have had otherwise.

Instead of getting your shorts in knot about who should be playing or who should be cut, traded or benched, maybe we should all be demanding the CFL provide COMPETANT & UNBIASED officials.

The Bassman


Thats not why we lost although it sure as heck helped. We did not score and thats the crux of the problem we are facing

Maas is a decent backup quarterback. Edmonton knew this and now we are realizing this, although its tough for some to swallow. He is not a raw rookie we are waiting to see develop. He has been around and had one good year as a starter and still Edmonton didnt hesitate to bump him back to 2nd when Ray was available, they didnt blink. Now he has a shoulder that will never be 100 %, has had a full season of futility and we are fast watching another season waste away while we wait for what? He just isnt capable of starting in the league anymore and he proves it game in and game out. I really wonder sometimes what people see from him that can be considered an upside? his running? nope.....passing? nope...The guy is done. Its not like he has this amazing resume of career season after career season. he was good....for a very short period of time like a lot of backups, now its over for him.

That game was winnable. It's very frustrating to think that had Chang played behind the improved O-line with equally strong efforts from the RBs, for the most part, the receivers and Setta, the Cats would be heading home 1-3 instead of 0-4. The TSN guy said Maas shouldn't be taken out at 1/2 time because he was managing the game well and actually I could see where he was coming from. However, at no time did I ever get the feeling that Maas was going to raise the level of his play another notch and really take control of the game. He was ok but nothing more. I've seen Chang kick it into gear late in games when I had the feeling that good things were definite possibilities. I never had that sense last night. Like after Lumsden's 66 yard run, Maas throws a bad pass on 1st down and basically falls down himself on 2nd down. What a momentum killer. He just doesn't seem to have that killer instinct anymore. The team is 0-4 and apart from a meaningless TD at the end has a huge problem scoring TDs. What would be the harm in giving Chang a start?--if he falters, bring in Maas.

As Taafe himself has said, 'there are no moral victories'. Or someone else has said, 'close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades'.

An Argo-Cat fan

Not many teams rush for 200 yards and lose the game cus they cant throw. usually the run helps the passing game. Imagine what lumsden could do if the other teams linebackers had to actually worry about our quarterback completing a pass farther than a five yard screen or a little toss to the flats!!

You guys keep talking about your offensive line playing well...but in the first half in particular BC was coming hard...your left side of the line wasn't pass blocking well at all. Maas made them look better by throwing a couple balls away to avoid sacks...I though Jason avoided the rush better this game and made a couple nice scrambles. This along with Jesse running the ball and some good play calling on screens kept the lions rush at bay to some degree. When the lions are blitzing and your receivers aren't reading the blitz your QB has no options......Corey Holmes dropped a ball in the first half as did Gardner who had one bounce off his shoulder pad...Maas had some off throws...but all qbs will in a game.....The corner route to the endzone was well thrown in the first half...that play was clearly a pass interference play and should have resulted in a wasn't Maas who threw away 3 points on a third and 1 and a half yard gamble in the first wasn't Maas who gave up 4 points on safeties when your defense was playing well and you have a kicker with a strong leg. The pick Maas threw was a nicely thrown ball....your receiver had just as good a chance or better at making the play....You guys just don't have a Tucker, Cahoon, Clermont, Dominguez type receiver who will make plays for the QB....that was a game that could have gone either way...but the loss shouldn't be on Maas' shoulders. He outplayed Pierce in my opinion....

Want Maas, he's yours. Obviously you see something we fail to see. We'll take the $2-300,000 savings and invest it in somebody that can help us.

I don’t know what argoconvert was watching last night, but green81 was watching the game that I saw. Right now what’s hurting us are bad penalties and a second-rate group of receivers. A couple of them have the talent to eventually be quality starters but they’re too green at this point and Maas has no proven vets to turn to when the defense tightens up their coverage.