keep playing Maas

I have to agree wholeheartedely. Maas just can't seem to get it done. I thought Brock Ralph played a good game tonight though.

Forget Maas. Hes not good enough to be a starter. I was at the game in B.c and its fustrating to watch lumsden give him good field position time and time again. And Maas cant finish a drive with the game on the line. So what if he finally passes for a touchdown with the game out of reach. All game I was hoping they would have given Chang a chance. Hamilton could have won that game. And Chang would have given them a chance. I just cant believe they wouldn`t put him in there for a few series

i don't agree with your "poor passing" opinion. that wasn't why we lost tonight. maas ran the offence pretty good and although there were some poor passes it was the receivers again who have to make the move and adjust to the ball. we still have no deep threat to go to on this team, and that is the main problem.

He did have the O-line problems before, but they stepped up the game to let him throw, and let Lumsden loose. Now, Maas needs to calm himself, sit down with his coach, and his relief Chang, and watch the game film. Being on the sideline the whole game gives Chang the perspective to see what was with the dropped balls, and what the BC defenders were doing to cause so many near turnovers on the deep passing plays, and to point out all those 'damnit!' moments Maas had after them which kill the confidence and the concentration. If that film review happens, make the decision early to start Maas, and get the team around that. If not, then make the early decision to start Chang, and either way, get the team as many practice reps with him at the helm as possible, so that there are no more mental errors, drops, and no situation of a QB looking over his shoulder and expecting to be yanked if things go badly.

Hats off to an interesting and entertaining game all in all, I hope my Esks come off with the win at Commonwealth, gonna be a nice night for attending a live game. I'm adopting the Cats as my teamt to cheer for when Edmonton isn't playing, you guys deserve a few wins (Just not against us of course :wink: )

I think the ticats cant keep saying Chang isnt ready. Your 0-4. WE have to take some chances and I think they should start him against Winnipeg. Why not?? If we don`t were going to be out of contention for the playoffs again

Sure he managed the game okay, and there were some great plays around mid-field, but when the Cats get near the endzone then the passing starts to get questionable. The only reason he threw the TD at the end was because it was pretty clear cut what he had to do and so he wasn't all pensive like he was during the rest of the game. The guy has talent but the lack of confidence is starting to get ridiculous. It's been going on for too long.

as a team we have to perform and execute when we are in close and yes maas too has to improve. but how bout our short yardage team on a 3rd and 1? and we don't make it. just like at the start of the year i said you gotta give this time and i ain't changing my mind. i see the potential still with this offence with maas

Maas was not fine.
4 starts and 2 touchdowns.
Everything was working except our passing game. 18 points is unacceptable.
Lumsden ran over them so Maas got to stay in the game. Had Chang played we might have won. Had Williams played we might have won.
Maas played again. We lost again.

Leave him in there. We are getting better....take the stupid penalities out and we're 2 and 2

We are getting better---he isn't.

Yes I think Maas is our starter and he is improving enough to keep him in there 75% of the time but he can't throw a accurate long ball anymore. This new West Coast offense designed around his strengths worked last night but in the fourth qtr when we could use a accurate long ball not a hail merry interception when we are down, send Chang in for those long ones if we are down to desperation passes. I still say Chang should have been our QB in the last qtr I feel we would have WON this game with his arm.

2 things killed our chances last night, dumb penalties and Jason Maas. If you subtract the screen pass to Lumsden exactly what did Maas do? Not much. Its infinitely better than last season but its still far short of what is required from the QB position. Give Williams and Chang some reps because frankly the team looks ready to play and both of these guys can use the playing time to develop. If we are going to lose because of average to below average QB play at least let it be because we are looking to the future. Maas is done

Mass was definitley controlling a lot of the game with his drives. Unfortunately he made some questionable decisions in the red zone but that will only improve. I am still concerned about what appears to be a lack of arm strength with his floaters down feild.

But at the rate this team is improving, dont think we should touch Mass.

Questionable decisions, lack of arm strength, why exactly do you want more of the same?

Loved that screen pass. I know you can't go to the well with this too often but I'd like to see it a few more times and then once a game quick fake screen pass to Lumsden and a quick pitch-out or quick throw to Holmes or Brock crossing over the middle.

Maas has showed a slight improvement in some areas...but that only moves him up from the "poor" to the "not very good" category. He is nowhere near as good as B.C.'s third string QB was last night in my opinion.
Maas always manages to let the team down with the wrong choice of receiver, poor passes or stupid interceptions. If Charlie is relying on Maas for the rest of this season I am afraid he will be let down badly.
If Chang is not ready yet, this team needs to bring in a veteran CFL QB. Not an easy solution however at this time of year.

I agree

The story on the TSN website about Henry Burris not working out in Calgary and he could be headed for Hamilton or Toronto.
Since Maas isn't working out in Hamilton then make a trade now - Burris for Maas.


You guys are brutal.