keep playing Maas

Maas is controlling the game well don't change him up. AND giv eht eball to Jessie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree... the o-line is holding up and it reflects in Maas's play

As long as the team is improving like they, stay the course.

In my opinion Jason Maas cost us another game. At best he played average. Look at his numbers. He still can't finish a drive. If it were not for Lumsden we would have done very little. Yes, the Cats looked much better but Maas looked, at best, average. He consistently plays good enough to keep people, including coaches, guessing, if they should leave him in or take him out, but he never plays good enough to win big, winnable, games. We'll never know wht would have happened if Chang had got a chance. What a pity. Another winnable game wasted.


Maas is god like :roll:... I hate to stir things up but I think hes _ _ _ _...

Maas was just average. Even I could hand the ball off to Lumsden for most of our offense. I could even throw a pick to kill a drive. What did Maas actually accomplish tonight that any other QB couldn't?

Dream on Maas played a good game and did not cost hus the win. Chang will be good but not yet. SOme wquestionable calls by the refs and the coaches cost us this time not Mass!!!!!!!!!

Maas was fine.

The receivers were not.

Very TRUE..

All of the receivers need to step it up.

Ticat nation baby.

keep playing maas and let's give chang a chance to seek a trade or out of his contract and have his agent get him to atlanta

lol Winnipeg will take him as a backup! Why the hell not.

I thought Maas was good from the plays I saw. Everytime he throws it away to relieve pressure it seems like that is the play that everyone seems to criticize him about. Lets cut him a little slack and thank him for keeping this game within reach.

toon....i hope your kidding about chang, although i support maas, chang is definitely the future.

Yes I agree questionable calls cost us the game, but Maas was hardly inspiring. Yes Maas did play fine. But fine is not good enough when you have a chance to beat the top team. We need inspriational. He was not inspirational. Lumsden was inspirational. We've lost two games we should have won. I know we did not expect to beat BC but the opportunity was there to beat them. They did not bring their A game and used a second string QB. We could have taken advantage of it and turned our season around in one night. Instead, we are 0-4. We are much more optimistic and maybe picked up some more momentum but we're still 0-4. next week it's Winnipeg who will come with their A team. It will be interesting to see what we can do...

The guy finally throws a TD in the last minute of the game when it's basically lost. Here's another game we should have won, but poor passing screws us over again.

On the bright side, he finished with more yards than his opposite # Pierce, and had less INTs (not counting that Pierce didn't play the whole game, but still, if not for that first clockwork drive by Pierce to start the game, Maas looks about as productive as Pierce, and one would NOT call Pierce a slouch at QB. If Pierce were in Hamilton, he'd be the starter, and Chang/Maas would both get relegated to 3rd String lol!

It was hardly a 100% guaranteed loss... the on-side recovery CAN happen, my Eskies did just that early in their rematch with Winnipeg last week.

Everyone who was pro Maas said.. oh the O-Line was brutal.. he had zero protection.. well tonight Maas had GREAT protection, sure he was sacked a couple times and even hurried a couple more but for the most part the O-Line held their own tonight.

That being said, Maas still has trouble finishing drives, you can't blame the receivers for EVERY stalled drive, at some point the onus HAS to come back on the QB.

Twice tonight I saw frustration in Maas' face and the VERY next down ended in a punt, his emotions are starting to consume him.

I'd be emotional too, if my receivers keep dropping passes...

Yeah, that's starting to get annoying watching him make faces and shake his head after almost every play. It's obvious the team is getting better but he keeps being so hard on himself.