Keep Marcel get rid of a few Assistant Coaches?

The problem with the Cats is not the GM in my opinion however the fact that we have assistant coaches with zero CFL experience. Get rid of the offensive coach, the defensive coach, the special teams is okay but build in a good defensive backs coach, O line, D Line and so on with guys who have at least a few years of CFL experience under their belts.

Danny Barrett Offensive Coach
Don Sutherin Defensive Coach
Less Brown Defensive Backs Coach
Miles Gorrell Offensive Line Coach
Earl Winfield Recievers Coach

Sounds like a winner to me!!!!

This teams a joke, get rid of em all. Another boring game, from one of the most boring teams in the history of the CFL.

that was boring, the most unimaginative offensive strategy I have ever seen. I'm glad we have seen the last of the three man rush, I hope it never returns.

We have to be the easiest defensive team to prepare for.

You know at least 50% of the time you are getting a three man rush.

We beat the second worst team in the league playing against 3rd string QB’s.

Get rid of all the Coaches…The coaching staff is hand picked by the Head Coach…If the coaching staff stinks the Head Coach has no one to blame but himself…

Interesting fantasy staff -- I do know that Sudsy has ruled out coming back as a fulltime coach (read defensive coordinator). I woupld opt for either Less Browne or Deke McPhee as DC (Deke is currently coaching in the CIS).

Oski Wee Wee,