Keep Jason on a shorter hook....Coach

No..this is not an anti-Maas thread.
Jason took some pretty good shots last week in Calgary. There was one I'm thinking of were Jason was deep in our end and he was in the throwing motion with his arm up..and took a big wack...
You could tell...even on TV that hurt him. And I immeditatly thought..he's not at 100% to start with..taking shots like that and keeping him in ?
The game was out of reach anyway.
Since Maas is the starter..Charlie made that pretty clear this week. Keep him on a shorter hook until he is back to 100%. If he takes to many shots like last week...Chang will have to Jason will be down for the count. Love him or hate him..I don't think anyone in Ti-Cat Land would want to see that happen.

Love him or hate him..I don't think anyone in Ti-Cat Land would want to see that happen
I can think of one

I agree with you Riley. Maas will be on a short hook if he doesn't get things moving tomorrow night. This organization is in need of a string of wins and if Jason can't deliver I expect Coach Taffe to replace him sooner rather than later.Coach Taffe will start to feel alot of heat if heaven forbid we go 0 -3 or 0 - 4. Owes Maas nothing. Now , here's hoping that Jason has a big game tomorrow night and Chang is coming in just to seal the deal.. Would be sweet.Go Cats Go.....

Watch the Argo recievers and watch how open Bruce gets when he runs a pattern . Then watch ours and you tell me if they are open as much as Bruce et al is .

No. Chang will be doubtlessly vindicated fairly and squarely. I don’t want bodily injury to anyone.

Hey Habman,

Re: Bruce,
I've seen this guy make the catches with the coverage all over him. He just fights for the ball when it's in his area.
Our problem isn't the receivers getting open, it's getting the ball to them with authority. :cowboy:
If you hesitate to make the throw, then it's too late. :cowboy:

LOL.. How did you know I was refering to you TG?

I've been a Ticat fan since 54 and want to see Maas have an awesome game. However this is pro ball and if it doesn't work by the end of qtr 1 , then we have to try something else that might work. this would mean a QB change. We all want Maas to play as he did out west because he moved the ball and was keeping the defense guessing. However since he moved to Hamilton I have not seen this. When the Argo's starter did not move the ball loyalty was put aside to see if a change would work. It did.
We cannot wait until it is too late. Good Luck Jason.
go CATS go

I'm predicting that if the Ticats have any success it will be because of the running game and have very little to do with Maas. It appears that the Cats are looking to run against the Argos all night and with Lumsden and Holmes in the backfield I think it could prove successful. But at the end of the night, I doubt Maas's numbers will be very impressive. I'd love it if I'm wrong but I have my doubts. I just hope we are not designing an offence around a quarterback's glaring weaknesses...
Earlier this week I had no desire to go to the game if Maas was starting. I decided to go to the game anyway, but if the coach leaves Maas in too long, it will be my last until they get their quarterbacking situation straightened out.

I have been studying Maas' performance
since Training Camp, much like Charlie Taaffe.

Jason's performance last year
is not in my memory bank
much like Charlie Taaffe.

The only difference is he wasn't here
to see Jason's performance last year
and somehow I erased my memory of it

Charlie and I watched Jason play in Calgary.

You know what I think?

Much like Charlie Taaffe

"I thought he played pretty well to be honest with you,"

I must be smarter than the average bear.


Jason is not a brittle man. I am sorry to disappoint anyone
but he won't be pulled for taking a hit unless it's really brutal.

if the o-line can block for an extra second and some receivers could get open, we would not have any Maas bashers!

I said, 'Jason is not a brittle man.
I am sorry to disappoint anyone

but he won't be pulled
for taking a hit unless
it's really brutal.' above

I should have said 'several hits'
and HE WAS pulled for that reason.

He took several really heavy hits.

The Offensive Line simply did not
provide him with enough protection.

Charlie had to put Timmy Chang in
for his younger, quicker feet.

Bingo ----- O Line - run the ball down their throats - this softens up the defense
and opens up the pass. Charley Taaffe - take note.