Keep harris in instead of mallet?

I think we should keep Harris in, first play her ran about 15 yards, he blocks better, and catches better...

Depending on how badly Mallet is dinged up, you might not have to discuss this choice. I say use them both, as they are both valuable players. :thup:

barring some magical trade offer for him...mallet will more than likely not leave BC...but i think harris gets the nod for the next game...he played great...and mallet is looking a little like lumsden LOL he needs to recover from his injuries FULLY before comming back into the game...or he will be the next lumsden and his career will end WAY too early

If Mallett's ankle sprain is as bad as it looked, the question is moot. H put almost no weight on it, I sprained my Achilles, in a way very similar to his, and was unable to walk at all for about a month. Harris will probably start next week against the Stamps. Could Jamall Lee see some Reps? Probably.


Uh wat? Isn't Mallett the #3 runner in the league? And you want to cut him???

We should keep both, and use a double-back set...that'll mess up the opposition.

grims, i never said cut him, im just saying use harris for now, because he is also good. and plus, mallet is injured.