Keep Dreaming - Why would Printers come here?


  1. We'll probably make him the highest paid QB in the leagues history.

Thats it...


  1. We have no offence line: We have a line that can't shuffle or hold a rush for more then 2 secs. So the line will not give him or any other QB out there the time to find a receiver or are able to move round should he roll out.

  2. Poor Receivers: We have a receiving core that is only there to collect a pay check and can't hold on to passes that should be caught. Also they are not prepared to break routes and to run to the open spaces when a QB is scrambling and trying to make things happen.

  3. Lack of Offensive imagination: What is it with US coaches thinking they can run a US offense plan in a field that is longer, wider and fast that requires a different type of gameplay.

  4. No chance of winning a championship anytime soon.

no chance of winning a championship soon?

k just assume that we get printers ok

and lumsden comes back for another year in the cfl

next year our younger players will be more experienced

i really beleive that with printers in there if we can get a good o-lineman,corner, and maybe a Defensive tackle we can be a great team next season

my reasoning:

  1. We have one of the best linebacking core's in the league (if not the best)

  2. Jesse Lumsden is averaging 8.5 yards a carry (he likely wont do that next season but should still run well)

  3. Recieving core: we have an average receieving core (which is fine as long as we have a good qb)

  4. Nautyn Mckay Loescher: he had 7 sacks going into labour day (not sure how many he had on labour day (i think one which one give him eight) and he has missed 2 games! so if we can get a good d-lineman on the other end or maybe even a DT we could get some real pressure on the qb

  5. Nick Setta: this guy has a field goal percentage of 83 (2nd in the league) (20 for 24) and is a great punter

so i would say insert a good 0-lineman and a corner and maybe a DT with printers in at QB and either its just me or we have a great team

we need an o/c. and i know chapdelaine worked well with printers in bc. bring him in as your head coach then maybe you got a lead on getting casey.