Keep Danny Barrett - Kent Austin - What R U Thinking???

Hello Rider Fans et al,

Danny is a great coach. The team is now at 500. The players like him and they play for him!

You will not get the same result from Kent Austin. Players do not like him and his Renegade playbook is too confusing. Pao Pao must have been using that same book in Hamilton until last week.

The bottom line - Even though CFL players are in a fishbowl in Regina they have got to keep stop the negative press from off field activities. Congi needs to keep improving (& he is). Danny Barrett needs to stay on as Head Coach and just say no to Austin!

Go Riders!

Here is my theory, if they aren't good enough for other CFL teams, then they aren't good enough for the Riders. I don't think its a good idea to use someone elses bath water.

I wouldn't hire Austin....

If they fire Barrett, I'd give Cortez a shot!

Austin has a great offensive mind, but not a great motivator or leader. He would not work well with the current Riders.

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