Keep an eye on UBC's Quarterback for CFL


Grey Cup was a great game.
Vanier Cup was even better. UBC wins on last play field goal. Montreal battles back to tie game in waning minutes. Close to 1000 yards total offence. Michael O'Connor , 19 year old freshman qb of UBC , 6'5" is an incredible talent who has pro football written all over him as expressed by legendary Warren Moon.
Quite a performance for a rookie. Humble kid too it seems from post game interviews.
CIS football deserves better coverage. Wow, what a game with great plays made by many.
UBC kicker is a cinch for the CFL.
Wide open football played at a high level.
I was most impressed. Keep your eye on O'Connor.

Unfortunately was unable to watch the Vanier which sounds like it was a good game (normally I am tuned in to it). However I did see the Uteck Bowl (I think?) the week before with UBC vs Guelph and I agree O'Connor did look very good. It would be great to see him get a shot in the CFL but we will have to wait another few years to see if that occurs.
I agree too that the CIS needs better coverage. I can watch the regular season OUAA games online if I think of it, but really miss being able to watch on TV the last couple of years since Sportsnet decided to pull the plug on coverage.

A lot can happen in four years. Hopefully Buckley will get a fair look next year.

Maybe the NFL.

Good prospect, but surprised he went the CIS route.
Makes the move and goes to High School in US to get training and noticed. Signs at Penn State, loses position not due to ability, but new coach with his own favourite.
Had several NCAA division 1 schools interested and he chose UBC.

Because of some of his southern exposure, I could see an NFL team bringing him to camp after his draft year, before a CFL team gives him a legit chance.