Keebeekwah Press push for FRENCH speaking coach started

Chris Jones is the one who's team spanked us in the 2008 GC and the East Final this year.

No doubt. He's really had our number since leaving Montreal. Only time we got over on him was 2009 when we were just a powerhouse in all three phases (pre-Tracksuit special teams, sigh).

And to keep things on topic would love to hear Chris Jones speaking French with his Southern drawl!

How about - bonne swar - y'all!

Je saluerais l'effort, que certains ahtlètes qui sont demeurés longtemps à Montréal n'ont pas daigné faire. Cela dit, ce n'est pas un scandale.

Grâce à notre ami Madjack, je parle anglais. Reste à apprendre à l'écrire comme il faut!

How about

Come on Son, spit it on the ground ! So i can read it. :lol:

What I fail to understand about the insistance on a coach that speaks a specific language at his job only speaks to the GM (in the case of the als an american), the players (mostly american with the majority of the canadians being anglophones), and the media (in the CFL almost as much anglophone as francophone here and the francophone media either speaks perfect english or have translators) it's just outright laziness on behalf of the media insisting on a frnech coach because they are the only predominantly french speaking group the coach interacts with. Even in the case of the canadiens where there are more francophones the coach has to interact with Id bet anything that Therrien is not running the practices in french and none of the negotiations Bergevin has are in french so that fact that they can speak french is only of benefit to the media members who all speak english to communicate to the majority of players in the league

You've answered it. It is a political agenda.

Whatever Jim Popp decides I am behind him 100% from here on in.

I actually got a surprise inspection from the OLF not too long ago at my clinic and they said everything was a-ok.

I got no problem with january 21 being national flag day in Quebec. Respect. :thup:

The dogs were barking in French? :smiley:

D+P: thanks for the correction. Whatever, this was the greatest defensive coaching I have ever witnessed by an Alouette team. We had the RRs guessing wrong time after time in the second half. We will need to be " blessed" with a couple of 1st choices in the upcoming draft and Popp has to find a player or two to enable the 2013 defensive team to be best in the league this year. I rate Kyries Hebert as the best defender last season. He was the best at ST tackles and, right up there at interceptions and QB sacks. The American/ Canadian ratio might dictate other but, I don't believe the present roster has anyone to equal his multi skills at safety. We should also have a very competitive training camp this year training camp this year.

If we want to improve our defense we need a NI receiver. We need to do a better job getting to the QB.

Petite théorie conspirationniste pour la cabale d'un coach francophone.

Si je suis un acteur important du sport professionnel de Montréal et que j'ai des bonnes connexions avec les média francophones, en plus de la tonne de fric que je possède. Si j'ai de bonnes relations avec un compatriote qui se trouve à avoir été entraîneur des Alouettes et qui dirige maintenant les Carabins. S'il se trouve que ce gars-là pourrait aussi être juste assez compétent pour pas avoir l'air complètement perdu à diriger une équipe de la LCF des années 2010, mais qu'il ne sera pas assez compétent pour remonter l'équipe qui a gagné la première place de l'Est dans la LCF. Si cette glissade sur une pente descendante me permet d'avoir plus visibilité pour mon équipe au détriment des Alouettes et ternit l'intérêt pour les Alouettes tant chez les francophones que chez les anglophones. Est-ce que ce serait pas une bonne idée de mousser ce candidat en faisant aller mes connexions auprès des journaleux de sport de Morial? Après tout, je peux leur offrir l'Amérique, mais pas les Alouettes le peuvent pas, eux. Tu comprends, mon ami? V'là ton enveloppe. Ciao! :twisted:

Sa pu to d'allure ton affaire. :wink:

A voir la commission charbonneau et la gang de croter installe a la Ville de Montreal. On comprend comment les Alouettes ont perdu leurs terrain d’entrainement…va enqueter ca le mangeux de phalus a Cantin.

From what I have heard, the BigO seems to be rather empty? If this is so why does the team not practice there?

2 raisons :

  1. c'est trop cher.

  2. y a pas de vent.

MONTREAL - The Montreal Alouettes announced Wednesday that the interview process for the team's vacant head coaching position is well underway with many preliminary interviews already completed and many others to come.

The interview process will continue with a number of candidates being invited to owner Bob Wetenhall's winter home in Palm Beach, FL at the end of this week and will continue into the following weeks until the successful candidate is selected. These interviews will take place with the owner as well as with General Manager Jim Popp.

"In this selection process, as in the ones before, my criteria will be consistent with our mission; institutionalizing the franchise in Montreal, having our coaches and players dedicated to making a difference in the community, and having a winning team," said Wetenhall. "In this process we are paying special attention to reviewing possible candidates from Quebec as well as other candidates from Canada, especially those who are bilingual. In the end, I will select the candidate whom I believe is best qualified to continue with our mission."Having joined forces in the hiring of Alouettes head coaches in the past, Wetenhall and Popp's last two searches led them to hire Don Matthews and Marc Trestman, two of the Alouettes all-time winningest coaches.

"The process for candidates has always been there mentally in case we were looking for a new coach. After putting approximately 40 to 50 names on paper, the process of narrowing down started," declared Jim Popp. "Since then, I have had preliminary talks with a number of candidates to determine who would be invited to meet with Mr. Wetenhall and I. They have all had specific criteria to meet, and if not, then they would not be considered. We are now getting down to the final list of candidates and will be inviting them for interviews in a short time frame."

This is a quote from the Als' website. So, let's let this needless discussion come to and end. The Als are aware of the nature of Montreal and will do their best to consider Francophones or bilingual candidates. However, they will choose the best candidate for the job. Point final!

Nice to see the Als President not fall in the trap the Keebeekwah press setup the Habs a couple years ago. Bet you won't see one article reporting on the cultural effort made by the team in the HC search.

And they cut every part of that out of their article. Most of those French media guys in Montreal are BS artists.

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