Keebeekwah Press push for FRENCH speaking coach started

These guys don't give the time of day to this team unless there is bad news, controversy or a parade and they are now claiming that's because they don't have a French coach.

Never mind that the Als have more French Canadian players than the Habs and Impact combined.

Sickens me. We all know they will be the first ones to take a big dump on the team if the team tanks but they want to dictate the hiring of a coach !

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Don't tell me this s--t is starting up again!

And this is in no way to be construed as a racist or xenophobic comment. Pendant 40 ans de ma vie, j'ai enseigné les deux langues officielles aux étudiants adultes; je suis présentement à la retraite.

If the Als are serious about putting a winning team on the field, they need to hire the best candidate - no language test required! If it is determined that, all things considered, someone like Maccioca, Chapdelaine, or some other coach who is either fluent in French or can speak it a litte, fine! The main criterion, however, must be a proven track record. And by "proven" you can insert the term "winning seasons". With the increased interest in football in Quebec, especially at Laval and U de M, it is likely only a matter of time before there are a considerable number of French-speaking players and coaches who reach the elite level.

While I love the Als, I love football more and also root for other teams such as the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. I sincerely hope the search for a HC doesn't degenerate into a needless and unwanted debate over a "linguistically correct" candidate. We have seen this picture before and it has nothing to do with sport! Now, Mr. Popp, go out and hire the best coach you can find!

Seen and heard it all week.The article I posted is more like a veil warning. the most virulent was Villeneuve's interview of Mark for 98.5 FM. Almost Alex Jones vs Pierce Morgan like. Villeneuve was pushing Glen Constantin like a disrespected Vince Lombardi. Two hours later Constantin with almost disdain made it clear he had Zero interest in the job. So now they are promoting Maciocia who single handed dismantled the Edmonton Eskimos. The man managed multiple losing seasons with Ray as his QB. That's a feat!

That Cantin from La Presse should stick to writing about hockey. He don't know dick about other sports. When he writes about crap like this, he just embarasses himself.

That Michel Villeneuve is always being a drama queen. He must be related to Senior ah me! Johnny can't stand that loudmouth. Why he keeps getting work in Montreal sports media is a mystery to this paysan!

[i]Johnny va mettre des choses au claire. Johnny se sent très proches des francos. Il appui la francophonie au Québec. Mais câlisse, Johnny trouve ça épais d'exiger qu'un entraineur d'une équipe sportive soit francophone ou bilingue. C'est du sport, pas de la politique tabarnak!

Le canadien se limite aux entraineurs francophones, et se met en désavantage volontairement par rapport aux autres équipes. Bravo! L'entraineur parle français, et l'équipe est minable. WINNER...

Le canadien a tellement peu de choix en se limitant aux entraineurs francophones, il réembauche un ancien coach (Thérrien) qui a été congédié :roll: Comme si Les Alouettes embaucherait Rod Rust une 2e fois comme entraineur chef...

Il faut que les journalistes teteux arrêtent d'exiger un coach français pour les Alouettes. Phillipe Cantin, Michel Villeneuve, et Bertrand Raymond; continuer d'écrire sur le hockey...


Phillipe Cantin est un mangeux de phalus

I think Chapdelaine is as worthy as any candidate with his three grey cup rings. Calvillo is similar to Lulay and we could use a new offensive scheme. I take back my earlier comment admitting it was over the top but as I said it was expressed out of frustration. If mononc' Jacques can't fill the stadium no one will. Go Jacques Go. :cowboy:

He's got a lot going for him.

Played for 9 years in the CFL
He put together the Laval program and won a Vanier in the third year of the program
He has a better than .600 record as an offensive coordinator in the CFL
He's young 51

His only blemish is the 2007 season in Edmonton and that team was bad before he arrived and after he left. All they had was Ray and Tucker, their RB was Mclendon and their #2 receiver was Kamau Peterson ! Everyon around the Eskimos will tell you Maciocia was a nice man but was a terrible coach. One of the front office guy said when you talked to Maciocia you could see there was nothing in there !

If he could convince Mike Reilly to come with him that would seal the deal with me :slight_smile:

On the other hand Bujold who followed Trestman (a bright guy who probably could have learned a few words in French) on a daily basis called him a "champ" yesterday:

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Fans at the Bell Thursday were shouting "We want (instead of On veut) P.K." Gonna be a problem there!

Je veux le meilleur candidate possible meme s il parle chinese, japanese, french, english or whatever means to communicate to get this team to the GC and win !

The Quebec masses have swallowed the mantra - after years of repetition by nationalists - that they don't need English to be successful. So it follows that a French-speaking coach can - and should- be found.

Media like La Presse shamelessly exploit this situation to ring in profits. I hoped that Rejean Tremblay's departure to le Hournal signified the end of this pathetic line of thought, but I guess not. And of course they will dump on the coach when he fails, because that also sells. That's as profoundly as the logic goes in the sports media. 'À compétence égale, on devrait prendre un coach qui parle français', it is widely said. When is the last time you interviewed 30 people, and the 2 top candidates scored exactly the same? Never! You always have some kind of preference, so this argument never holds.

What we can do is write to La Presse and express our vehement disagreement with the positions expressed by their journalists, and show Mr. Wetenhall and Popp that they don't have to buy into the nationalistic manure to be popular with Als fans.

Miguel Bujold is a class act the rest of Lapresse and the Urinal de Montreal are such losers. There are 3 guys I look forward to read in the regular columnists, Rick,Herb and Miguel.

Voici mon commentaire sous la chronique de M. Cantin.

M. Cantin,
SVP arrêtez donc de mêler le sport et la politique. Je lis la section sport spécifiquement pour ne pas avoir à imbiber un autre réchauffé de débat linguistique: On s'en fiche de la langue maternelle du coach, on veut le meilleur: Un point c'est tout. Si vous insistez à prendre la relève de votre ex-collègue Réjean Tremblay, et voulez rehausser votre readership en faisant appel au nationalisme, je vais tout simplement ne plus vous lire. Ni les sports de La Presse.
Voici une idée: La Presse devrait changer le titre de la section des sports, et la renommer le Hournal de Montréal 2.

Pour la voir:

I would add Pierre Durocher at Le Journal. He was pretty straight forward in reporting the news, even went down to North Carolina to visit Popp.

Well said, Als.

You heard him, gents. Time to voice our disagreement, not just to this so-called "sports" writer, but to the newspaper.

Don Matthews à passé 2 fois chez les Alouettes.

Je trouve aussi cette croisade ridicule et suis certain que les supporteurs francophones des Alouettes ne tomberont pas dans ce panneau.

Cela dit, si ce cirque médiatique ressemble à un psychodrame, il n'est pas nécessaire d'en faire un avec la position contraire.

I would see Jacques Chapdelaine as a good candidate for the Als head coach position. He has a great history in both the CIS from a coaching standpoint. He was with Bishops U and, was the coach who developed Laval as the CIS powerhouse, winning the university championship in his final year. I have admired his work with BC as both offensive coordinator and QB coach. Chapdelaine has great coaching talents and, realistically his appointment in Montreal would be astute to the french speaking fans of that great city.

Having stated thus, I also believe Chris Jones is also an excellent candidate. When I think of horrid defensive coaching last year, I believe Chris Jones would be a dream. I believe Jones demonstrated great defensive coaching in the first Grey Cup win against SASK. All that season the Als defense was questioned by some. Jones at half time made a coaching shift ( zone and man to man), which surprised the RR defense. He also switched our defensive linemen's positions during the game ( he had Anwar Stewert lining up at tackle at times). The RR defensive lineman did not know if they were coming or going especially in the second half. Our offense was not great that day and, the Riders were prevented from attaining a first down time after time. This game featured the best defensive coaching that I have ever witnessed.

So, there may be many coaches interviewed but, I believe these two will be the best. To end on a negative note, it appears the Quebec Government still funds the work of the language police. How sad!!

Niagara, just a correction: Tim Burke, not Chris Jones, was our DC during the first Grey Cup match against SSK (2009).