Kazoo gives up 1st overall for 30 year old Bomben Yay!


That's how you destroy a franchise.

Well I am shaking my head at this move.

I am no fan of Reed. And this move does not change my feeling.

Definitely would not have traded the #1 pick for 30 year old Bomben.


we got one of the best interior lineman and his canadien for dropping 1st overall to 2nd overall and a 2nd pick in 2019, really son't see how you guys don't like this deal...

Its more than that. Reed walked back 3 picks and picked up another 30+ year old. It isn't like Bomben can play tackle either so where will he play? Who's spot is he taking ? Jourdain, Matte or Blake?

So he walked back 10 spots in the draft.
Picked up salary
Got a backup and an import receiver.

Also have to wonder what the rush was ? why not wait till the last minute ? Get the bidding war on....

he walked back from 1 pick we have the 2nd pick overall

Encore heureux qu'on ait un deuxième choix. Si Tillman choisit Rutherford ou un autre joueur de ligne offensive avec potentiel la tête de Kavis Reed devra rouler.

Bomben est un right guard.... Reed fait quoi avec Matte ? bomben coute 160k selon les boys en jaune. Il y a soit un autre echange en vue ou il va se passer quelque chose d'autre sur la ligne... byebye Jourdain? Bouge Matte a Tackle?

Ca va pas rouler.

Hes traded down other in the fourth round and traded a sixth rounder for a seventh rounder as well. In all he's moved down 10 spots over the 3 picks. Weird and complex trade, can't wait to hear him explain his matrix.

Bomben best?
why did the Cats trade him?!

Je sais malheureusement :frowning:

And who moves ? Jourdain, Matte or Blake?

Moi je voudrais qu il gardait son choix et prennait soit un OL ou bien un receveur.
A 30 ans, $160k pour Bomben. Oye oye

30 years old
one year left on his contract
Makes 160k

No clue. I will wait to hear what the GM has to say.

Uh huh. But this is suppose to be a good trade

Well they may still get the player they wanted at 2. but the return makes no sense. Another 30 year old player that plays in a spot where they already have a starter, there is no way they plan to pay him 160k as a spare.

The Ti-Cats have cashed in the Johnny Manziel chip with this trade.He is the likely
negotiation list player that was involved in the trade.The value for Manziel is at it's highest
right now.If he does not get signed before training camp opens his value plummets for the team
who holds his rights.He has options(potentially w/NFL - New Spring football league).The
Ti-Cats realized this and chose to get rid of his rights now.They know it would cause
upheaval for their organization from a team standpoint.

I believe they are really focused on another quarterback by the name of Garrett Gilbert.

June Jones has experience working with him in college at SMU.He will be released sometime
in the next few months from the NFL.They can wait for him.

The question now is how much will the AL's offer to pay for Manziel and the resulting
sideshow that will go with it?

Louis Butko?
14m14 minutes ago
Ticats head coach June Jones confirms on @TSN1150 the negotiation list player traded to the Als in the deal for the 1st overall pick is not Johnny Manziel.

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