Kavis Reed

  • I will certainly give Reed credit for Durant, Jackson, Olafoye.

  • Thought the team had an excellent draft.

  • I`ll even give him the benefit of the doubt on releasing S.J. who I highly doubt will return to previous form.

But these are the inconsistencies that bother me.

  • Signing an older player like Ryan Philips to supposedly play safety and provide leadership, and then see him listed as a backup DB.

  • Re-signing an other older player like Jovon Johnson only to slot him behind Cox at SAM.

  • Trading a younger Shorthill for an older Plesius. Plesius was supposed to compete at WIL LB but he`s listed as 3rd string MLB.

  • There were supposed to be 2 National DTs but International Drew is now one of them. Then why not try to keep a much better Cash?

  • Supposedly a much younger than Shologan National DT in Klassen doesn`t pass a physical (might be Fake News), and yet is healthy enough for the Stampeders.

  • And of course the release of Bear Woods, supposedly to make the team younger and more athletic.

So is Kavis trying to make the team older or younger? And should he not be building up young National talent?

To me it looks like a rookie GM is trying to act like the smartest guy in the room.

Well said.
His asset management of players owed renewal bonus money
and discarding of assets has also shown some incompetence.

He's made Toronto and Hamilton better teams...

Je l'ai déjà dit, je trouve Kavis un peu hyperactif. Il a fait des bons coups et des moins bons coups, comme soulevé.

Nous n'aurons pas le choix que de voir ce que donnera cette équipe pour nous en faire une meilleure idée. Pour l'instant, je vois du positif dans le fait que Pillips soit un substitut. Si nos jeunes ne font pas le boulot comme maraudeurs, les Alouettes ont des options. Johnson est un gars polyvalent et je soupçonne les Alouettes de l'avoir embauché à rabais. Ceci dit, je crois que Reed avait depuis longtemps comme idée de faire une place à un secondeur canadien, compte tenu de la confiance de Boulay de réellement se battre pour un poste cette année. Ceci m'apparaît un peu dogmatique comme position, tout comme l'était celle d'utiliser 2 plaqueurs défensifs, plan qui semble avoir été abandonné dès l'ouverture du camp.

Ceci dit, les évaluations que les entraîneurs feront de cette équipe forcera peut-être des changements à ces concepts.

Je retiens tout de même une chose de Klassen. Il s'est blessé à chaque saison, même dans un rôle de substitut. Sans lui et Oramisionwu, ce plan devenait risqué.

Il demeure que pour bien des gens, Reed est en probation.

Je suis un.


I do think that it's quite early to judge Kavis Read on moves that have been made to date. Let's wait. This does not mean that I agree 100% with the moves made, but Kavis inherited a team that had high paid players such as Chip Cox, Winston Venable, Bear Woods, S.J. Green, Jeff Perret, Nik Lewis and Stefan Logan.

Kavis wanted to sign a veteran QB and 2 veteran Int. tackles; he definitely knew that if he succeeded, he would have to make moves, release some high paid salaries and forget about the re-signings of some of the high paid players. I am positive that his plan/ his vision was discussed when he was interviewed for his position; I am also positive that he was told that he could not have an unlimited number of players on 6 game injured list, because there were no funds available, within the cap, for players on 1 game injured list. That's what happened last season. For almost all of last season, players injured were automatically added to 6 game injured list since it had no impact on max. cap but major impact on Mr. Wetenhall.

When you make decisions and sign players you don't know what the future holds and you expect that unknown factors won't impact these decisions. An injury, play of a or rookies may alter in late May or early June your March plans.

When Ryan Phillipps was signed in February, the thoughts were that he would be the starting safety; at that time, the plans were to play 2 Nat. DL, since 2 Int. offensive tackles were to start; hence the signings of Westerman, Shologan, Oramasionwu and the re-signing of Klassen. When Oramasionwu and Klassen were released-medical or other reasons- before training camp started the plan to start Phillipps at S went overboard. Let's hope that Chris Ackie will have a good season.

I was surprised when Shortill was traded for Plesius, but let's wait before saying it was a bad decision. The fact that he is listed number 3 on training camp roster means nothing to me; as a veteran, I understand that Nicolas Boulay is ahead of him.

Early in free agency, the Als had a $400,000 QB on roster, had traded for and signed Olafioye, had signed Alfred Jackson,still had S.J. Green and Bear woods on roster and had re-signed Kabriel Knapton to a new and quite more expensive salary; they then knew that they could not afford Cash and Venable; even more understandable with Cask, since the plan was to play 2 Nat. DT's. Presently I have no problem with Drew in place of Cash.

Like every one else I was surprised by the release of Bear Woods after the first day of training camp. Yes, the timing of his release was bad, but is there a good timing to release a good and popular player; yes, the timing of his release was bad, but his situation/ possible release was discussed during the off-season and more after the mini- camp in Florida.Both Jacques Chapdelaine and Noel Thorpe agreed with the decision, but not with the timing. AS I said, his release was previously discussed; Kavis Reed did not wake up last Monday morning and said "I have to release Bear Woods this morning". He probably had a long night/ short sleep. While excess of max. cap is not an issue in the off-season, I am positive that dollars, past injuries and play of Sarao were factors explaining this release. Time will prove if it was a good or the best decision. One thing I know for sure, is that the Als now have much more room/flexibility/funds available for players on 1 game injured list and practice roster.

At this time of the upcoming season, my only concern is Darian Durant/ the play at the QB position. All CFL teams have improved and wins will be tough to come by; as the Als, the good or bad 2017 season will depend on the play of the QB's.


Just want to add that veterans will most probably be released in the next weeks but these releases will be more about football related rather than business side.


Great post Richard. I agree with you until you excuse the Klassen and Donny O release. I mentioned earlier in the offseason that most rookie executives make that one or two unnecessary move that ends up derailing them. IMO he's done that. I think our defence will be much weaker this year

Next year whoever comes in to take over for Thorpe (Because I am certain he can't wait to move one) is going to have to pick up the wreckage.

I think Reed has wrecked the defence. I really, really hope I'm wrong. And I"m not feeling all that hot about the Oline with LBJ and Simmons or the depth at the RB position.

I sort of doubt Kavis Reed performed the physicals on Don Oramasionwu and Michael Klassen in which they failed. Team's plan just a week beforehand was to use non-import DT's and use Ryan Phillips at Safety. Now, the team is forced to go non-import at Safety with Chris Ackie who the Als had been hoping would win the WILL Linebacker spot. Als wanted a Safety who is sort of like a player-coach. Instead, they have somebody with almost no experience at that position . In my opinion, what happened sure sounds like a Plan B or even C.

Sarao and Ackie in the middle with zero starts experience and Boulay on the outside barking the calls in broken English. Awesome sauce ! Durant better put 40 points on the board every week...

Ackie is entering his third year with the team. I think he'll be fine. Sarao, well, yeah, it's a concern, but both Thorpe and Chapdelaine agreed with the decision to release Woods (not the timing, obvs) so they must feel that he can get the job done. I wouldn't be surprised to see Hebert playing some mike backer too at times.

Lorsque j'ai parlé de Wright à Billy Parker, il a souri et m'a dit qu'il trouvait qu'il avait beaucoup d'outils déjà. J'espère qu'Ackie pourra y trouver sa place car il a travaillé fort en attendant sa chance. Mais j'ai l'impression que les Alouettes ne sont pas si dépourvus pour cette position. Le fait qu'ils se sentent à l'aise de ne pas devoir absolument y faire jour Philips porte son lot d'espoir.