Kavis Reed To Get H/C Job In Edm.

8) Both Dave Naylor at TSN, and Arash Madani at Sportsnet, are reporting that Kavis Reed will be named the new HC
 in Edmonton as early as Friday.

  Reed and Eric Tillman have a close football relationship since their days together in Ottawa and Regina.

  The Eskimos are also expected to name either Rich Stubler or Mark Nelson as their new D/C.
   Stubler has parted ways with BC recently, where he was the DL coach this past season.

Then SSK hires Hall and we're stuck with either bringing back Marshall or promoting Brad Miller who's secondary's sucked the big one the past few years.Great.

Kavis is a good man for the job. 8)

Kavis has done “jack” in this league … now he is with his 6th organization … what does that say?

Not sure why their is so much hype surrounding this guy?

You mean there is no other coach available to be Hamilton's DC if Marcel and Obie want a change?

Sounds good to me!

Do you have a link for that Tipper? As of today, he's still listed on the Lions' website as the defensive line coach:


Well, for someone who has done “Jack”, some greater football minds than you and I think differently and he keeps getting promoted wherever he goes.

Congrats to Coach Reed :cowboy:

8) MadJack, that report is in an article by Arash Madani, on the CFL page of Sportsnet.ca.
 It looks like the Lions don't update their site too much !!     <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->
8) For what it's worth, Perry Leftko on Sportnet.ca is reporting that there will be more coaching changes in Hamilton,
 along with extensive player changes !!

 The leading contender to become the Cats new Assistant GM is Joe Womack, currently the Player Personnel Director 
  of the Riders.  He would be in line then to become the GM when Obie retires after next season  !!

Thanks Tipper !

Hype? media hype? Haven't seen it

but people "in the know" in CFL, G.M.s and coaches seem to respect him

because he gets mentioned often when there are job openings in the CFL.

First, a note about Kavis' attitude.

During a bye week when Kavis coached here, all the other coaches
had gone home to visit their families but Kavis stayed here

I asked him at a Cats On Cable telecast why he was still here.

He was 34 years old with young children and a wife at home in Edmonton.

we ended up 3 and 15 that seasons.There was only one game left.

He said..you may not believe me but I want to win that game.

He stayed to work on the game plan for the last " meaningless" game.

The beginning:

Kavis was an All Star two of the four years that he played in the CFL.

A former coach of Kavis asked him to please help him out at a CFL training camp.

Kavis told me he had his eyes set on medical school after an injury ended his career.

but he fell in love with coaching right away.

IMO. that was likely because he was always a student of the game.
listening carefully to his coaches and breaking down game film.

On the job training:

I witnessed his superb teaching skills at practices daily.

He had excellent teaching skills working with his rookie
American d-backs. it was very easy to see from where I sat.

And that was all we had back then, rookies.

He didn't turn them into All Stars but he helped them
through the frustrating learning curve of covering receivers

who, had never covered receiver taking off from a running start

and having to cover them for too damn long all over the big CFL field.

His innate ability to empathize with his players
helped them to calm down and gain confidence

and some of them ended up with careers in the CFL.

He did the best with the players he had to work with.

IMO, he has been learning ever since...

a year in Toronto with Rich Stubler

who it looks like he will be joining up with in Edmonton.

Perry Lefko also said that Adam Rita would be the new OC here and he bashed Hamilton for signing Stevie Baggs because according to him it was a "panic move" after Toronto signed Ricky Foley.

So yea, I don't trust anything Lefko says.

Kavis is a good guy that generally gets along with people, but can he win. A coach that inherits a strong good team and keeps on winning is a good coach, but coach that inherits a bad team and builds it and wins, is a great coach. The Don was very lucky when he went to Ed and a very good team and won, and then he went to Montreal got a good team and won, but when he went to the Argos and got a very bad team and lost he left very quickly. Building a good team from a bad one and winning is wear real coaches hang out. :thup: