Kavis Reed on Bombers radar...

......wow....i didn't know the esks. let Dancing Danny M. go... :roll:

I've not had CJOB lately but there is still nothing about it at their website. I think the Sun was also the only one to report the Dyce - Baressi thing as well. The FP hasn't reported anything Bomber related since the press conference coverage.

.....CONFIRMED TODAY.....that LaPolice has in fact contacted Kavis Reed and Baressi about joining the Bombers....of course this is only in the sun.....BUT if they're wrong on this..i think their credibility just took a big hit... :wink:

I think we'll see one or both of them join the Blue Bombers for the 2010 season.....ouch on Reed... :thdn:

As I recall, Baressi wasn't terribly popular with the Tiger-Cat fans when he was O/C under Greg Marshall (the other) in Hamilton. I seem to think that in Marshall's second year there he was supplanted as O/C by Paopao (not that that worked out any better). . . although I could be mistaken. . .

I hear Gainer the Gopher wants out of Regina, tired of wearing green.

hmm, let me see here. Tillman debacle. Option contract NFL signings. Kelly WTF. Ackles back to Vancouver. Bauer-Bombers goes Stamps. Stamps-Barker goes Argo's. Lion's Braley rescues Argo's. Rita keeps his job. Riders-LaPolice goes Bombers, tries to lure Barresi & Reed. And it goes on. Don't get me wrong, I love the on-field product but seriously folks (in the voice of U of Colorado HC Dan Hawkins) -- IT'S AN 8 TEAM LEAGUE. BRALEY OWNS 2. KAVIS REED WORKING ON HIS 5TH TEAM IN AN 8 TEAM LEAGUE. :thdn:

Can you imagine a Blue gopher? If you guys change his name to Blue, people could say they came to see the Bombers and Blue the Gopher! :lol:

Yeah, I know it was totally ripped off from an old Don Cherry joke, but it's still funny.

Hey, seriously, thanks for Taman and Bates! Things looking mighty fine in Riderville........ :roll:

If you guys wind up with Kerry Joseph, can you just send us a busload of Bomber jerseys, and we'll send you the greens....

Later all!

It's at the FP website as well:

.... i guess 'fly on the wall' Kirk Penton was right....... :roll:

Or they are both wrong. We'll have to wait and see.

For what it's worth, he was right about Carpenter being fired. Dyce and Harris are the only assistants listed at the Bombers website now.

Which puts Penton well ahead of Dave Naylor and a certain frequent poster we all know and respect in terms of making accurate predictions.