Kavis Reed on Bombers radar...

......Don't like this....Why the hell do we want someone who was involved in one of the most embarassing moments in the CFL.... :thdn: ..If i remember correctly this guy was one of the reasons LaPolice threw his head-set and was furious...Maybe he thinks it's just a 'one-off' colossal mistake...don't know...My personal preference is for someone else other than Reed to fill the position....I hope it's too late in the day to talk to him :thdn: I'm tired of this old boys club....I also hope we can get someone to fill Carpenters position that's worthwhile...This could be one monumental rebuild guys.. :roll:

I'm with you on this one papa.

Reed was defensive coordinator in Hamilton in 2007, and that was a pretty weak defence.

Then he was defensive coordinator in Toronto in 2008, and that was a pretty poor defence as well, certainly a pale shadow of the Stubler defence he took over.

In 2009 he was special teams coordinator in Saskatchewan, and we all know what happened there.

Now, you can make this excuse or that excuse for each of those three positions he's held. . . but he is the common denominator. . . so I"d stay well clear.

...i didn't realize his record was that bad :roll: ..If it's just familiarity LaPolice is looking for....i'm going to suggest he get familiar with someone else :thdn: And our start looked so promising???.. :roll:...We are going to start looking like the graveyard for ineptness.. :thdn:

Reed wasn't DC in Hamilton in 2007. He was an assistant with the Argos for a year before being named DC in 2008. He was with the Ticats from 2004 - 2006. This old bio from the Argos is still available online and it says he joined their staff in March 2007: http://www.argonauts.ca/page/kavis-reed

I'm not too impressed with his record as DC in Hamilton or Toronto either and the Riders special teams weren't very good all last season (the GC wasn't the only time they took a too many people on ST for example).

In Hamilton, his D stunk. Zero pressure on the QB. If you hire him, it's a mistake.

I'm a bit surprised by this choice, but in defense of Kavis Reed:

[ol]- The 13th man gaffe could have been the fault of Reed, the 13th man, or both. Either way, mistakes happen. I wouldn't let one moment define someone's ability as a coach.

  • In both Hamilton and Toronto, Reed didn't have much in the way of personnel to work with. The Argonauts had let their entire team get older without bringing in anyone to challenge for key positions, particularly on defense. Now, I know Reed is no Stubler, but I'm not at all sure that Stubler would have done that much better in 2008 if he'd been the DC.[/ol]

Like I said, you can make excuses for the guy at each stop he's had. . . but the fact remains that failure tends to cling to this guy wherever he goes. . .

I thought the same thing Blue. Wasn't it Ed Neil, who came back as Bart Andrus' choice of DC in Toronto? And got reunited with his biggest fan, Zeke Moreno?

This of course is the real issue...I think...

On the other hand...anyone notice how similar Kelly, LaPolice and Reed look above the eyebrows? I think the general consensus was that Andrus had the worst hair in 2009 (as though he didn't have enough other problems), but do we have some sort of hidden agenda going for the Yul Brynner look?

I have never really understood why Mark Nelson had so many fans in Winnipeg. But your post gave me an epiphany: he was the antithesis of Mike Kelly.

I dunno, MJ. Team failure usually involves more than just one man. IIRC Reed actually had some decent success with the Cats' defense back around 2005 or so when the offense was beyond dreadful but the defense kept the team in games it had no right to be in.

Too bad you just joined us Fred...last year was The Golden Age of BS around here... :lol:

I agree that team failure, as with team success, usually involves more than just one man. All I'm saying is that Reed's units have usually been a failure wherever he's been. It may not all be his fault, but still. . .

But that wasn't the first time the ST made a big mistake like that under Reed. It wasn't even the first time they had taken a too many men penalty on ST. ST for the Riders last year wasn't very good. Their coverage teams weren't good, until Armstead was signed they didn't have anyone who could return a kick decently and there were a lot of mental mistakes being made.

oh well, reed is an up and comer, what he's done has been done.

if he comes here, give him a chance. mental mistakes like u are talking about on sasks special teams, well our special teams used our starters last season mainly.

who knows, just let lapolic chose his staff.

it was kinda obvious the minute he was hired, that most assitants would be sent packing. it happens. move on. whining about a coach is not good karma.

who would u be happy with as DEF coord? Rich Stubler? that wont happen.

besides reed tutored under stubler anyways.

u have to look at the talent reed has worked with, were they as good or possibly as good as the bombers defensive talent? i dunno. neither do any of you so stop the whining cuz honestly if its not whining about the board or calling mack a yes man, its whining about coaches. Like it doesnt end.



go ask 10 of your neighbours if they care if lapolice is coach or if reed MIGHT be named a coordinator. NONE OF THEM WILL CARE EITHER WAY.

we dont know more than the people in charge. I dont like this move, well i dont like reading posts that say a coach was hired 2 times when both times they werent. and WHY IS THE SUN THE ONLY ONE REPORTING THIS... if its so true.

Wow. What is it with this Riders jones your organization is having?

hey killer........THIS IS FROM ONE OF THE CLOWNS AT THE CIRCUS.....the other media is reporting exactly what the sun reported... it's true...funny that.... :wink:

Can you provide links to other reports about the Bombers wanting to talk to Reed, papa. I haven't seen anything at the FP or TSN or any other website about it. There now appears to be confirmation that Nelson and Campbell were fired since their names were removed from the Bomber website but the Sun is still the only one who has reported it that I can find. I've also seen no other reports about Charlie Carpenter being fired except at the Sun. It turns out Penton was right about Nelson and Campbell but it doesn't automatically mean he's right about Reed.

Now they are reporting that Buzz and Boomer have been let go and are being replaced by a large, brown rodent-like mascot....

....Can't remember exactly ...but wasn't there a blurb about it on cjob....The freep seems to be a little slow off the mark on this one....I can't remember the article exactly....but there was a report that the riders wanted and asked permission to talk to Dyce and we wanted to talk to Baressi .... :roll: ..then the story has dropped off...mostly because of the glitzzy show down south..Super Duper/Stuper.....In any event it'll all trickle out eventually...Penton is definitely reporting on all of this...and yes it doesn't mean he is totally accurate....but wouldn't you say his rep. would be '''lets say' a little tarnished if this weren't the case...I haven't heard of any denials on his reports :roll: