Kavis Reed gonzo

...It will be announced tomorrow that Reed has accepted the head coaching gig in edm.....LaPo better have Halls number on speed dial and get him on board here,like i suggested previously, if he loses out in sask...Failing that....hmmmmmwe start beating the bushes :roll:

we'd love to have him too but the sad reality is he's likely to be SSK's next HC :frowning:

I doubt Hall will be the HC in Saskatchewan. As Taman was hired as Tillman's replacement so was Berry hired to be Miller's replacement IMO. The Riders went through the motions of interviewing other candidates before naming Taman as GM too.

You may very well be right Blue Blood.

But, on the other hand, Berry was hired with a view to taking over for Miller but that was a hire made at a time when Hall was not available. The fact that he is now available just might change things. Depends I guess on exactly what promises or assurances were given to Berry when he was hired, and we're not privy to that information.

I think the fact that Berry was hired as assistant head coach and OC says a lot.

Hall and Miller have some history (2 years with the Riders) but Hall has no history with Taman.

I still think it will be Berry with Marshall coming over from Hamilton to take over as DC and Dyce being promoted to OC. IIRC Dyce was a Berry hire when Berry was HC of the Bombers.

I know I heard somewhere that Marshall was likely off to Winnipeg.
SO I think your situation is accurate.New predictions!
Greg Marshall new DC in WPG,??? OC in WPG, Doug Berry new HC in SSK, Richie Hall new DC in Hamilton, Khari Jones promoted to OC in Hamilton, Joe Womack named assist. GM in Hamilton.

Why would Lapo hire Marshall? They have absolutely no history together.

The only serious Marshall rumours I've heard involve Saskatchewan. Marshall's ties are with the Riders (Taman and Berry), not the Bombers. I think the main Marshall supporters on the Bombers' BoD are no longer board members either.

....NO-WAY does Marshal end-up in the Peg...'Bin dere did Dat;.....I would say Greg will probably stay in the hammer IF he doesn't get the head job in sask....He probably hasn't re-upped there yet, just so he could pursue the job in riderville.. AND IF Hall is also rejected in Regina.......hellllllo Ritchie...welcome aboard :rockin: ..of course that's a lot of IFS....We shall see shortly :wink:

Well, now that it's official. . . you are in need of a new defensive coordinator.

Marshall and Nelson I suppose are not in the picture.

If you can't get Richie Hall, you could do a lot worse than promoting Richard Harris.

According to Mike at EP (who has some pretty good sources), Richard Harris isn't interested in being DC.

That's a pity. . . I think he could be a good one. . .

....Harris is a great coach....he just doen't want to be a dc....He said he would like a hc. position should it become available .(guess sask. passed on him as they have a line-up out of Taman/Millers door for that one)...I think Harris would make a great head-coach....but that's just me...The players love the guy...he really likes living in Wpg. sooooo....i'd say he's staying where he is and at his o line coaching job for the present :wink:

D line not O line, papa.

Anyway, it strikes me as somewhat odd that he'd like to be a head coach but doesn't want to be a coordinator. I wonder what his reasoning is.

It reminds me of so many politicians, who run for leader of their party, and then when they lose, they quit entirely. Like, if I can't be the top dog, I'll take my marbles and go home. Different here in that Harris is apparently quite content being a D line coach. . . so why he is not willing to take the next step up to coordinator but instead wants to leapfrog directly to head coach puzzles me.

Oh it sure does. . . likely means he was being groomed to be Miller's successor as head coach. . . but like I said earlier, that deal was made when Richie Hall was not available. . .now that he is available, things may or may not change, depending on the particulars of whatever the fine print in Berry's deal happens to be.

And that could be significant. . . on the other hand, Miller is Taman's superior in the pecking order as things stand now. So if Miller wants Hall instead of Berry, Taman may have to sign off on it (again, depending on what assurances were given Berry when they signed him).

.......lots of talk in riderville suggesting that Hall is their man...HOWEVER.....(we always have to have a however :roll: )IF Miller listens to Taman ..as he listens to Daly :lol: ...Berry is the next head-coach in Regina :wink:

...of course d line.....it's early here MadJack :lol:

I wonder if it will create a power struggle between Miller and Taman ? If they don't agree on the new head coach, regardless of who gets the job, it might sour the relationship between Miller and Taman . . .

…i have to agree, the scenario for friction and blow-out in Regina is there :wink:…what’s the ol saying MadJack…‘sometimes too many cooks spoil the soup’…I know that Taman is a strong-willed individual and it won’t be easy for Miller to ‘proclaim’ anything to do with operations, with Brenden in the wings… :wink:

All I know is we went through this same drama when Taman was promoted to GM. Lots of show, lots of interviews but in the end the expected occurred.