Kavis Reed fired in Edmonton

At least the RedBlacks will have their pick of guys with head coaching experience.

LaPolice, Bellefeuille, Reed, Burke, to name just the obvious ones. And there’s a few coordinators out there who’ve done stints in the head job.

It will be interesting to see if they try the “reuse/recycle” approach as opposed to trying to find the next Milanovich who’s ready to make the leap to HC.

Nodded his head??? Reed said later that the trade would set the franchise back at least 5 years and he was right. Wherever Tillman goes and whatever he does, he will be remembered for agreeing to the most ill-advised, lopsided CFL trade in recent memory - perhaps the worst ever in terms of its ultimate effects (negative and positive respectively) on the two teams involved.

He said that on November 17th 2012. The trade was December 11th. 2011. Its before the trade that he should have put his foot down not after Tillman was fired and Ray was going to the Grey Cup. He did not fight hard enough for the player who game more to the franchise than any in the last 15 to 20 years. If Barker goes and tells Milanovich he's trading Ray, Barker better be wearing armor... Trestman would have chewed anyone trying to trade his QB as well.

He went along...

You've got to be kidding. There's NO WAY Kavis would have been able to influence Tillman and whoever else orchestrated this move. I didn't see Assistant GM anywhere in Reeds job title.

That's what I mean. He's not a Head Coach. Any of the greats, experienced, with tenure or not would not let this trade happen. Buono,Matthews, Huf... Take your pick. Remember what Buono did in Calgary when Feterik's buddy started to tell him who was going to play...

Quand l'idée de cet échange est arrivé, il aurait dû menacer de démissionner. Et lorsque Tiltman l'a fait, il aurait dû démissionner. Ça aurait lancé un message clair qu'on ne pouvait lui faire un coup comme celui-là et ça aurait probablement plu à quelqu'un.

Mais c'est plus facile à dire qu'à faire. Il a une famille, il doit gagner sa vie, son marché est limité, ça aurait vraiment pris beaucoup de courage, même si c'était le geste à poser.

How about our very own Orlando Steinauer. Him and LaPO would make a very competitive coaching team and I think Orlondo has a real shot at any one of the three potential head coaching jobs, sorry to say.

Tell you what, you walk into your boss's office and tell him that he can't or shouldn't do something that emphatically. I'll stand outside that same office and by the time I can count to ten, you will be back at what once was your desk removing your belongings.

The reason those people you mentioned above could get away with doing what you suggested is that they have tenure and proven value to ANY organization, Reed did not. He hasn't proven that he could accomplish anything at any level of coaching in the CFL. Therefore, his say or opinion would have no standing with any GM.

I agree it is a chance you take. But I doubt Tillman would have been able to pull that trade without the support of his HC implied or not. He chose to go along to get along. How you let a QB go who just gave you 11 wins is beyond me. Collective stupidity I guess.

If I recall correctly, Buono and Hufnagel were GM as well as head coach. They were the bosses. Matthews had way more than tenure, he had more victories than any CFL coach ever. Ignoring him would have been at significant peril for any GM. Kavis Reed had no such role, and was in no position at all to tell his GM what trades he would or would not permit. What was he supposed to do, threaten to quit if they traded Ray? Would Tillman have caved in because he couldn't stomach the possibility of losing Kavis Reed, rookie head coach? Not likely. The Ray trade was really, really stupid, but I think it is all on Tillman and the people he reported to, not on Reed.

This is not to say Reed deserved to be kept on as head coach, that's a decision for the management of the team. But I'd make it based on his performance as coach, as I think they did make it, not on a crummy trade he didn't make.

Hervey tied the can to Reed before his boss could do the same to him. I'm not sure if Reed has what it takes to be a HC or not because I don't think he was given enough quality players to be competitive. I think Burke is living on borrowed time in the 'Peg but he also was handed a bag of hammers for a roster. Benevides stays because he's Buono's guy and Popp stays because of he's too valuable to the organization to lose.

An Argo-Cat fan

^ Correct on all counts

Edmonton was better than their record, they were 4-14, but lost a lot of close games and many they were the better team, but lost. They were similar to the ticats last year, they were 6 12, but could easily have been 9-9 and with any luck 10-8. Firing Reed may have been a little premature and probably the wrong move.

The guy had 3 full seasons. Team's record regressed the last two years.
How can you win less games with Mike Reilly than you did with Steven Jyles and Kerry Joseph ???
Had a mental meltdown in front of the media.

He had a fair opportunity IMO

LaPolice, Burke, and Reed all have the same issue: you cannot shine poop. I give them ALL credit for getting more out of the 2 teams than they could have been expected.

LaPo was fired mid-season, mainly because he had a good (not great) QB that has not been able to play healthy his entire career. Burke had to deal with the same, especially since Pierce probably gave them quite a salary cap hit. Reed was coaching with his feet in cement because of the wholesale denuding of the Eskimo roster and the idiotic antics of the current GM.

The late great Ron Lancaster had to live with this for close to a decade. After the 1999 Grey Cup win, the moronic owners of the time had no business plan, few backers, horrible marketing, and ran out of money. Players raced to the banks every week because cheques were bouncing. With all that going on, he was able to field a competitive team more often than not. They did not win many games, but they certainly played above themselves.

All of these coaches did their best to shine that poop.

Kavis will not be out of work for long. Montreal and Ottawa need head coaches, and Winnipeg may need one soon as well. GMs like to hire their own coaches, Hervey and Walters didn't have that option. Popp deserves credit for turning the Als' season around - but hopefully it will end this weekend...

Jim is enjoying coaching. He might step away but that would be his choice. Win or Lose IMO.
Now if the Als are humiliated this weekend then who knows but I see this being a close game.

Reed might be a good fit in ?Ottawa where political correctness counts. A black HC wouldn't hurt their cause. The Black and Blue's roster should also be pretty decent given the rules of the draft.

An Argo-Cat fan

I can see Popp stepping down and being replaced by Chris Jones, the D Coordinator of the Argos. There is some history, there. Marcel is bilingual and could be an excellent fit in Ottawa. Lapo would bring experience to the Esks. I can’t even guess what the Bombers will do because they need a GM and a coach. :roll:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

I think the more likely scenario in Toronto is Chris Jones taking over from Milanovich and Milanovich going to work for Trestman. There is going to be an insane off season in the CFL. first half of December will be the musical chair in football ops, then we go to the expansion draft, then there will xmas break then free agency with Ottawa in the mix, then the draft after the NFL's this year then the mad rush to get the stadiums ready. Going to be CRAZEEEEEE!

Given the way Toronto's defence performed this season, I suspect that Chris Jones' stock has dropped.