Kavis Reed fired in Edmonton

[url=http://cfl.ca/article/parting-ways-reed-will-not-return-to-esks-in-2014]http://cfl.ca/article/parting-ways-reed ... ks-in-2014[/url]

Not a big surprise. When does Tim Burke walk the plank?

Oski Wee Wee,


Considering they both got contract extensions maybe the two should have traded their problems to each other :lol:

Kavis Reed's coaching style does not promote long term success. His demeanor on the sidelines and his in your face "feedback" to players as they walk off the field is very damaging to long term "buy in" from players. Kavis would throw his players under the bus on the sidelines, in the media and IMO that is not a positive trait for a coach nor a way to foster long term respect from your players.

Hopefully in his next coaching position he can improve his communication style with his players to promote long term success. He is a smart coach, I just think he lacks the required people skills, especially to be a head coach.

His biggest mistake was letting Tillman walk all over him regarding Ricky Ray. Has to be one of the most stupid and weak decision in CFL history.

Burke and the Bombers will part ways soon , also new coach for Ottawa will be needed should be interesting to see this off season ? Who what and where!

And I'm not sure Benevides survives if the Lions get humiliated in Saskatchewan.
Jim Popp in Montreal if they get humiliated in Guelph.
Corey Chamblin if they lose to the Lions....

Yes indeed...

and Burke is a near certainty.
if the aforementioned scenario unfolds, that would be SIX HC's fired in one season (Hawkins, Reed, Burke, Benevides, Popp, Chamblin) which must be an all-time record in an 8 team league.

Probably the best thing for Reed's health. He looked like he lost five years off his life every time Grant Shaw missed a game winning field goal.

Bingo! :thup:

Kavis will land on his feet somewhere. :thup:

I think he is a better coach than what his record in Edmonton this year showed.

Hervey should have walked the plank. For all the BS you hear about "The Eskimo Way" what he did to Rottier was not "The Eskimo Way".

I agree. Hervey didn't get them the tools to have a good season.
Unfortunately it's the head coach who is the face of the team so he will be the one to walk. See Lapolice in Winnipeg for proof of that.

Only 2 of the 6 mentioned have been fired, with Burke likely being next. I don't think Chamblin will lose his job and Popp is the GM, so I don't think he'll fire himself. He only stepped in to coach on an interim basis anyways.

I disagree 100% with this. Kavis seems to be a very caring and personable coach. If a player made a mistake he would not rant and scream but rather put his arm around the player and explain his mistake in a rather paternal way. From what I've read, heard, and seen Kavis was a player's coach and completely opposite to somebody like Cortez who is more aloof.

Kavis Reed's problem was upper management. Check out the decline in his winning percentage after Tillman traded away Ricky Ray. Kavis was not on board with that decision yet he had no say. Also Hervey is the guy doing the firing YET he is the one who was throwing players under the bus. We all remember the the Simeon Rottier fiasco.

Reed's coaching record:


Yeah, and how did that work out? :wink:

Kavis Reed nodded with his head when Tillman traded the Franchise for spare parts and he's won less games for 3 consecutive seasons. He deserves his fate.

First off, Kavis did not agree with this move. They interviewed him after the trade and he was clearly bewildered with the move.

Secondly, I was referring to the LaPo firing in 2012. How did that move help out Winnipeg in 2013 considering they lost key free agents and didn't properly replace them. Also Joe Mack not fixing the QB problems in Winnipeg. LaPolice did and probably Burke also will take the fall for this mismanagement.

Yeah, Reed really shone in Saskatchewan during the "13th Man" game.

A life long Coordinator at best.

Are you sure you are not referring to Ed Hervey.

No, I'm referring to a former Ti-Cat defensive co-ordinator and now former Edmonton Eskimo head Coach.

Agree to disagree. Reed's problem in my opinion was a combination of emotional over-reatction, communication skills and professionalism. He may be a great guy and he may be very caring. A good head coach manages multiple personalities and gets the most out of everybody around him. He makes the sum of the parts greater through his skills. Kavis doesn't do this and hasn't done this IMO anywhere he has been yet. I have nothing against him personally, never met him. He has the football knowledge, he needs to work on the persona and communication skills IMO.

Kavis didn't point the finger at anyone. It was somebody going in that didn't belong and they couldn't get him off in time. Unfortunate , yes, but I wouldn't hang that on him, because he had it set up and someone went in that didn't belong.