Kavis Reed did NOT support the Ricky Ray trade

When Eric Tillman traded Ricky Ray, he told the media he had support from Len Rhodes, Kavis Reed and his staff.

Well as of yesterday, Kavis Reed finally told the truth. "I did not support the Ricky Ray trade".

In the next few months, more Tillman bashing should come out. But for now, this is all we got.

Interesting to see what else leaks out about Tillman's days in Edmonton.

Got a link ?

Heres one: http://www.edmontonsun.com/2012/11/17/j ... 5-10-years

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I'm not sup prized by this and I think more will come out when the season is over. Makes you wonder if ET had such a hate on for the Eskimos that he wanted to destroy us from the inside.

Part of me has to believe that there is more to come on this. I am reluctant to jump on the conspiracy bandwagon but either this was one of the worst moves by one of the supposedly best football minds in the league or there is more to it. Was this simply the brain fart of the century or was Tillman a willing partner with a league desparate to have the home team in the big game. I don't think we have heard the last of this yet.

IMO, if Jyles would have even played half decent... The Eskimos would have finished 2nd this year. And likely played BC (again) in the West Final. More blame falls on Marcus Crandell too. His offence was BRUTAL! I also think the Riders would have crossed over and destroyed Toronto. But that did not happen and Argos VS Stamps for the 100th Grey Cup. Im so happy for Ricky Ray, he was treated SO bad in Edmonton. He deserves this championship and i hope he kicks Calgarys ***. lol.

As for Eric Tillman making this trade, alot of puzzle pieces did not fit in where they were suppose too. I also think if Jerome Messam was here & healthy from Day 1, Edmonton would have been a much better team. Nothing against Hugh Charles. He just cant run up the middle.

But at least in the Ricky Ray trade we got a good young 3-1 kicker (shaw), a top o-line prospect (plastor) & a longsnapper (king). And we have Matt Nichols. Look at the McKnight trade (nothing against him), but the 3rd OVERALL PICK for a NON-IMPACT player. OUCH! Thats going to hurt more down the stretch. Unless Plastor never comes to Edmonton. Then Ricky Ray trade is worse. Even the X.Fulton Sask trade was BRUTAL! Honestly, if Ricky Ray was still in Edmonton... yes we probably would have been in the Grey Cup. But this offseason, Ray would have to been traded anyways... or we'd have to let JC Sheritt, Weldon Brown, Rod Williams, Marcus Howard, etc etc etc walk because of salary cap issues. And rebuild for 3-5 years. Edmonton currently is 1-3 years away from becoming a contender. Just need 1-3 more pieces.

I've never understood the whole conspiracy angle.

Money makes the world goes around. There is NO advantage to having the host city in the Grey Cup game. There is a big advantage if neither team represents the host city.

For example, BC hosted the last Grey Cup and were in the game. So only ONE team and their fans came to Vancouver last year. But if BC wasn't in the game, then TWO teams and their fans would have come to Vancouver. .. that's a lot more revenue coming into the city in terms of hotel rooms, restaurants, etc. As it was, the Lions were already there as were the Vancouver home fans. .. so no hotels and fewer restaurant meals required for them.

Same applies this year. . . by having the Argos in the big game, less revenue overall.

Financially, it makes more sense (i.e. more money to be injected into the host city's economy) by having two 'visiting' teams.


Wrong on a number of levels. First, the Grey Cup and the hotels are sold out long before the representative teams are decided. Most people who travel to the Grey Cup do so regardlesss of the teams participation. Having the local team involved is huge in the local participation in the events, hospitality suites, etc. That is what translates to local revenue. The game revenue is dictated by TV, tickets, and merchandising, none of which are determined by the visiting teams.

The CFL is desparate for a successful franchise in their largest market. To put it bluntly, if Toronto folds, the league as we know it follows shortly behind.

The CFL has a huge stake in this game, not so much in Toronto winning but getting there is huge.

I am not suggesting that there is any game fixing. I am just suggesting that this trade stinks, maybe only because of the stupidity of it. But it does stink.

The CFL is not even close to folding.

Nobody said they were.

Yes you said it VoiceofReason, highlighted in bold below. And Toronto would not fold.

No I said, "if Toronto folds, the league as we know it follows shortly behind." The operative word is if, not when. I merely pointed this out to suggest that there is no way that the CFL can let Toronto fail. Toronto nearly went bankrupt in 1996 with the Flutie overpayment.

There is no doubt that the CFL wanted Toronto in this game. Whether steps were taken to aide them getting there is what the conspiracy theory questions.

1. What the future holds in store for Eric Tillman.
2. Edmonton being awarded the 2014 Grey Cup.

There have been suggestions that #2 is a done deal and was tied to Ray going to Toronto.

The CFL has improved 100000x since 1996. Toronto is not folding, nor is the CFL. And for the sake of saying Toronto folds. The CFL wouldnt. But its a waste of time talking about Toronto &/or the CFL folding. Thats not happening.

As for your thoughts on Tillman ending up in Toronto, etc. Another thing thats NOT going to happen. And the CFL award Edmonton the Grey Cup in 2014 before Ricky Ray was traded. Edmonton was in the running 6 months before the trade. The league moves the Grey Cup around for equal share. It had NOTHING to do with the Ray trade.

There is NO conspiracy's in the CFL. Just fans and BAD media with nothing better to do then cause drama etc.

but I like the conspiracy's it gives us an excuse when our team fails miserably. :wink:

Did I miss something or did the CFL award the 2014 Grey Cup while I wasn't looking?

For fans to talk conspiracy, thats fine. Whatever. But media, like the guys on TSN from The Reporters.. just shows they're a bunch of idiots who have ZERO information to talk about &/or they are BRUTAL at their jobs and have to waste everyone elses time with this crap.

:thup: To the fans for talking sports :thdn: To the reporters

I would have to think something's up if Edmonton got the 2014 Grey Cup. They just had it in 2010.

^^ Well, it's not like the league has a lot of options. Hamilton and Sask can't host the game, and BC and Toronto just hosted it.

As for the trade, I doubt many people supported it. I tried to give Tillman the benefit of the doubt based on his record, but I lost patience after the first six weeks of watching this team suck.