Kavis Reed and Mike Sherman

Maybe it’s just me. . . but I find it somewhat odd that neither Reed nor Sherman has publicly spoken regarding their being jettisoned.

I know (because he told me) that Herb reached out to both of them but got no response.

So, speculate as to why they have chosen to remain silent. . .

Zurkowsky avait réussi à rejoindre Sherman et avait publié plusieurs tweets résumant ses propos.

Pour répondre à la question, il doit probablement avoir une sorte de clause dans leur contrat contrôlant ce que la personne peut dire aux médias. Sinon, tous les entraîneurs, DG ou présidents limogés, autant dans la LCF que les autres ligues, ne feraient que se vider le cœur.

De plus, on peut aussi supposer que ça relève du comportement. Aucune équipe ne voudrait embaucher une personne qui casse du sucre sur le dos de son ancien employeur de crainte que la situation se répète.

It is the way the Wetenhall structure their contracts. I believe they are not allowed to speak about any of their business with the Alouettes as long as they are being paid…

Pat Hickey did write a story on Herb reaching out to Sherman.

“I don’t agree with the decision, but it wasn’t mine to make,? Sherman told Zurkowsky. “My only regret is that nothing critical was ever communicated to me that there was a concern.?

Sherman said he was surprised that general manager Kavis Reed found fault with his work in assembling the team and installing a game plan.

“He mentioned, on more than a couple occasions, that he loved the structure of our new defence as well as the added creativity of our schemes on offence,? Sherman said. “He (Reed) never once mentioned anything significant was amiss until I read his quote. I’ve always found real honest andtransparent communication is ultimately the key to success. Can’t have enough of that.?

Sherman said he would miss players like John Bowman, Henoc Muamba, Tommie Campbell,B.J. Cunningham, Woody Baron and Eugene Lewis. He describedBowman as one of the best leaders he’s coached and that’s an opinion shared by Jones.


The Reed situation will probably end up in court, so Kavis probably will not do any talking before then.

"Non-disparagement clauses are often included in severance and settlement
agreements, in which a former employee gives up the right to sue the employer
in exchange for compensation."

Non-disparagement clause = “we will pay you a hefty bonus to quietly go away”.

I also wonder about a non-disparagement clause in the context of the
almost-too-numerous-to-remember bids to purchase the Alouettes –
the moment a prospective buyer falls out of the sweepstakes, a kind
of omerta goes into force. Only Guzzo has really commented in any way.

Idea for a poll: what is the reason no deal for the Alouettes has yet been reached ?

  • financial disconnect - the asking price is wildly above the expected valuation
  • personality conflict - somebody, or a clique, in the Board of Governors is insufferable
  • terms and conditions - the purchase offer must be contingent on some intolerable condition.
  • anything else ?

Knowing what we know now, it is very possible Ambrosie figured the team was sold and they wanted Sherman gone before Guzzo and Maciocia showed up.

Isn’t it just common place that all coaches etc anywhere who have fired are quiet about it.? Nobody ever seems to talk about it. Probably due to non disclosure clauses put in place in all orgs, not just in Montreal. And in reality a coach who speaks negatively in public about past employer will be blacklisted. Same in most other businesses.