Kavis makes his play

Benevides may be capable of doing more Iconic but I'm not sure he got a raw deal back in 2014 when let go by the Lions. After taking over the head coach position the Lions won 13 games in 2012, 11 games in 2013 and only 9 games in 2014. Though the team made the playoffs in each of the 3 years Mike was head coach, the team never won a playoff game. Benevides still had two years remaining on his contract and I'm sure he got paid for those years though no longer coaching the Lions. I'm sure he was making an annual six figured salary.

I don't think Benevides got a raw deal but Wally Buono had to take some of the responsibility since he was the guy signing up players, some of whom were disappointments.

In the end when heads start to roll it is generally the head coach who is shown the door. I guess the major concern was that the Lions team had all of the appearance of team on the skids having won fewer games than the year before and so on under Benevides' guidance. When does upper brass take action and plug the drain? Ironically the Lions won even fewer games [7 games] in the 2015 under head coach Tedford. That appeared to have more to do with Tedford's lack of understanding the CFL game. When Wally took over in 2016 the Lions won 12 of their 18 games. Of course this year [2017] they didn't even make the playoffs!

I don't know if Benevides could cut it as a head coach. It's kind of like the aviation industry. Some pilots make excellent 1st officers sitting in the right side of the cockpit. These same guys when sitting in the left seat[as captain] sometimes cave in under the pressure and new responsibilities.

Exactly. Request was to interview 3 guys for vacant head coach position. Can't stop the rain if the subject of taking other jobs in the organization - and the compensation for those spots!

Benevides is more an order-taker than an order-giver. There are only a handful of true head coaches in the CFL.
Left to right -
Wally was a great head coach, he's pretty much drained the gas tank now.
Maas is an emotional wreck with some great ideas, but as shown today he lacks grace & craft under pressure.
Dave Dickenson is a superb head coach and team leader.
Chris Jones is an underrated HC - a bit too full of himself but his team has really improved and should be a favourite in 2018
Mike O'Shea - might be the best leader type in the current head coaching fraternity - but he's still suspect on strategy, clock management and talent assessment
Porky Campbell - won a Grey Cup but more attributed to Henry Burris going out with a bang; his overall record isn't much better than .477 O'Shea
Marc Trestman - is a past-master, now entering the pantheon of CFL legend. He's sharp, creative and most importantly super cool under duress. Knows his personnel and doesn't tolerate hobos.
Kent Austin - I'm afraid his coaching prowess has dried over time; true test now of his GM abilities, talent assessment, etc.
June Jones - looks like a keeper, too early to tell what the CFL holds for him
Kavis Reed - not even worth talking about as a head coach.
Potential CFL head coaches now in Darwin's waiting room - Paul LaPolice, Khari Jones, Mark Washington, Devon Claybrooks, Noel Thorpe, Mike Benevides, Jacques Chapdelaine, Marcus Brady, Corey Chamblin.

As ed ohmnen wrote, I won't be surprised if Mike Benavides is interviewed for the Head Coach position in Montreal. Others that can be mentioned/added are: Carson Walch,Offensive Coordinator/Receivers Coach in Edmonton and Stephen McAdoo,Offensive Coordinator & Assistant Head Coach in Saskatchewan.

I could be totally wrong, but I expect that the future Head Coach for the Alouettes will be amongst the following coaches.-in alphabetical order-:

Mike Benevides-Defensive Coordinator/Assistant Head Coach in Edmonton.

Corey Chamblin-Asst.Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator/DBs Coach in Toronto.

DeVone Claybrooks-Defensive Coordinator in Calgary.

Jaime Elizondo-Offensive Coordinator in Ottawa.

Carson Walch-Offensive Coordinator/Receivers Coach in Edmonton.

Mark Washington-Defensive Coordinator and Defensive Backs Coach in BC.

We should know in roughly 4 weeks from now.


Montreal isn't going anywhere with Kavis at the helm. Anyone who even saw clips of the briefer when he was introduced last year could see this train wreck a mile away. The sooner that franchise moves on and starts anew the better for the team. I'm actually fairly surprised and disappointed that the change hasn't happened yet.

Never underestimate the stupidity of Kavis Reed! ::slight_smile:

Very true Grover! Benevides needs to wait for a REAL opportunity to be bossman Head coach.

Just a Note Lyle

June Jones a keeper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jones will be 65 on Feb 19 th. Ouch!! Short or Long term Plan
Note !!on Jones.

While at SMU he had a mixed bag of success over 6+ seasons. His time at SMU came to an abrupt halt when he quit 2 games in to the 2014 season. At the time of his departure many questioned his recruiting and his commitment to the program, including an article naming him the worst coach in college football. Jones is currently the head coach Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the CFL, a job he took mid-season and immediately caused controversy when he hired ex-Baylor coach Art Briles as his offensive coordinator before the team realized that was a very bad idea and reversed course.

Reed interviewing a coach who is in the middle of preparing his unit for GC week. Wow!

How to make friends and influence people :slight_smile:

If,indeed, Kavis Reed did interview - This Monday- DeVone Claybrooks for the position of Head Coach of the Alouettes, it was with the approvals of the League and the Stampeders,so no problems. Second, maybe he had already interviewed him, after the end of the season, when the Stampeders had a week off.

I also expect that some other candidates have already been interviewed.


Herb Zurkowsky?

I’m told Kavis Reed may well have been in Calgary on Monday, but there was no direct contact between himself and DeVone Claybrooks

Hate to quote myself...but a big 'told ya so'....Claybrooks considered for the top job in Mont. and a pretty sure bet he'll get it

At least Kavis snapped into action. He knew he was totally inadequate as a head coach, washed up as a player and out of his league as a GM. Lets see what kind of recruiter he is??
Claybrooks must have some purdy fine reports on his defensive game-planning and more importantly handling of men, respect, etc. That's why Inspector WhatSayU is on the case!

A diversion from what? For what? Why? I honestly don't understand what this diversion would be and the logic behind it, would you be so kind as to explain.

Didier Orméjuste?

Kavis Reed said he received permission from the Redblacks to interview a member of their staff, but he wouldn't say who it is. I'm told it's offensive coordinator, Jaime Elizondo. @CFL
5:41 PM - 23 Nov 2017

OUCH !!! Oh well.

Kavis has interviewed three individuals. Washington, Khari Jones and one of Ottawa's coordinators, according to sources Jamie Elizondo but not confirmed. There are a couple more to be interviewed but haven't been because the teams are still playing... kind of gives you an idea who they wish to talk to. Again sources close to the team say, Claybrooks, Brady.

Meanwhile, the Als President is trying to buy off Maciocia so that he does not throw a fit in the media.

Personally, I'm shocked they found five people willing to interview for the job.

Like Pink Floyd says - "MONEY"

I guess, come to think of it, two to three years pay to coach 4 to 17 games is a good deal.