Kavis makes his play

According to Didier and Herb Zurkowsky Kavis has asked permission to speak to BC Lions assistant coaches - although none were directly named it is thought the names are Khari Jones (OC), Mark Washington (DC) and Marcel Bellfeiulle (WRC).
Don't think they'd install a failure like Marcel as HC so that one must be in the mix as a diversion - but Jones & Washington merit serious consideration.

It also moves the timeline up rapidly for Wally Buono naming his replacement as HC.

It also incidentally creates early panic in the Winnipeg organization. If Kavis can't pry Washington (or Jones) away with monetary lures - he might cast his gaze at Winnipeg's Paul LaPolice. Regardless of whether Wpg has re-upped Lapolice for another year as CFL's highest paid assistant.

What Winnipeg must do is appoint Lapolice as co head coach and probably give him another bump in salary. Even under contract the general feeling is that CFL teams are allowed to speak to assistants so they are able to upgrade themselves.

I would think that cooler heads prevail and Wally B. does the proper thing and anoints Mark Washington his head coach in BC. That the Bombers take the Kavis threat seriously and appoint Lapo co head coach.

That still leaves Kavis Marcel B. or Khari Jones - and regardless of the mess on L'Island I think either one of them boys would take that job in a minute. (mainly because neither is that secure in BC anymore)

I'd be amazed if LaPo wants to leave Winnipeg for Montreal, even for a promotion. No win situation there.

Stranger things have happened tho. Wonder what LaPo earns currently vs what a HC gig in Montreal would pay?

I also see the BC guys more eager than LaPo.

There are potentially 3 H/C positions open.

MTL - ??, Not a great opportunity, working under a rookie GM and meddling owner.

HAM - There is a H/C position for June Jones to take, but he is rumoured to be on the shortlist to take over a very lucrative Oregon State program.
A decision should/ could/ hopefully :-\ happen soon either way

BC - Only if Wally decides to step aside as H/C,
Wally could just retire and the VP, GM and H/C positions could all be open.

I don’ knoe why Als kept Reed at all, this guy is a disaster.

.....I think Devon Claybrooks gets considered in either Mont. or B.C. (IF there's a head coaching spot) before Khari or Bellefueille ..He may be green but if and when you're going to start...might as well start at the bottom and grow with the team...This guy is a talent and although just defensive minded, he is responsible for a lot of Cals. success...I don't think we'll hear his name pop up unless the Stamps are knocked out of the Cup quest but eventually we will

He's got the blackmail pics?

Claybrooks needs to fix his hat that drives me nuts .

Good Grief Montreal. Two of the assistants will not be back with lions next year. Not their choice!

And that WILL NOT HAPPEN if team is not sold. And good for wally!!!!!!!! Better then most mentioned!

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That's prolly why he'll end up with Khari as HC and Marcel as OC or some other area. Khari has sideways interest in the mess in Montreal - but its a no-lose situation for him if he's indeed on the firing line in BC. Either unemployment or a high-paid head coaching job, guaranteed for 2 or 3 years. Easy decision I'd say.
Washington has far more to lose as many see him as the heir apparent to Buono. Going to work for Kavis could soil him and many of his possibilities.
Claybrooks is the most interesting - don't see Dickenson moving away from Calgary, probably at least 5 more years with those g.d. notes in front of his face - Dickenson is learning the upper echelons of the game from Hufnagel. Huff is nearing 67/68 so Dickenson might be the heir apparent. Yes Claybrooks could get soiled by Kavis but I think he'd survive a soiling - at least to represent himself as a qualified DC - just about anywhere, anytime!

What about Benevidies in Montreal. You would think he might be available, he ‘s doing a good job in Edmonton.

Reasonable idea - but BennyVDs had his chance already. Whether someone is willing to take a gambit on him 2nd time around, who knows?

Also think there's at least a 33% chance Kavis (acting on the will of his owner) brings Ed Hervey into Montreal as Assistant GM (in essence the real GM as he's got far more success and credibility than Kavis)

I hope he is just using Khari Jones as a warmup for interviews. Barring the 2016 season he has put up average at best Os.

I can't see Lapo going to Montreal....he is smarter than that and knows that it is a potential dead man walking scenario. Now moving to BC...I could see that.

I am also not really sure what you are seeing in Washington that says he is anything close to ready to coach a team.

I know Hervey is blacklisted but I would think he will still pop up. This season might be too soon. I would be pretty surprised if it was based on what is all out there for rumors. I would think that he might be looked at in Hamilton as well. I have to think Austin is probably gone...question now is if ET is as well or not...probably not.

Always thought Benevides got a raw deal when he was canned in BC. At that time Wally was supposed to be GM and Benny the HC, but in reality Wally was making as many decisions as Benny was (maybe more) and in the end when the teams dismal record was in plain view - only Benny paid the price. I think Benevides is capable of much more IF he's allowed the latitude by a GM or owner.

[b][i]I think Benevides is capable of much more IF he's allowed the latitude by a GM or owner.[/i][/b]
This would never happen in MTL under Kavis and Wettenhall. :o :o :o

Very true

Something seems fishy about this. The OP is "Hearing" three assistant positions. Does the HC not hire his own assistants?????

Not what was said. Permission was asked...didnt sat who. Could have been one or many.