Kavis "Data Points" worthless...

Pierre Vercheval with another stinging indictment of Kavis Reed today. Since Kavis said two weeks ago that he was going to give an opportunity to young players. Pierre did a little investigating o his own to find out that Schiltz was given get this ZERO reps in practice, as in NONE. So he's being thrown on the field with zero practice, how do you want to evaluate someone fairly in those conditions and shame on Calvillo for allowing this charade to go on.

Let me tell you something Kavis "GIGO".... Your data points are worth shiat f^*^ all...

When Kavis Reed speaks:


Not a big shock that a backup gets no physical reps. Usually reserve QB's only gets mental reps. What I am more surprised at is the Als will only have two practice days (Tuesday and Wednesday) for the final game of the year. Monday was Meetings a.k.a. Picture Day.

Fairly certain both Matt Shiltz and Antonio Pipkin are safe from being cut. Als actively recruited Shiltz, and Pipkin was part of the Jovan Olafioye/David Foucault trade.

No should not be a shock with Reed as GM and all his blabbering all season long!
Proof is in the stats... 3-14 and solid chance of ending at 3-15.

Has not won a game after firing Chaps and Thorpe. Blown out in the bulk of the games from that point on.
Worse than last year.

And if the rumors are accurate, he is coming back for another season.
Get ready for more "not a big shock".